Gay Dating Apps of 2024 to Find Gay Partner

We are going to show you the top Gay Dating Apps. These are the best gay dating apps that you can efficiently use to hook up and have one night stands. We will be listing out the pros and cons of each gay dating app so you can make the right choice.

Here Are The Top Gay Dating Apps of 2024

So go ahead, enjoy the list of Gay dating apps. Remember always to practice safe sex and be respectable online!

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1. Grindr – The Gay Dating App

Grindr is easily one of the most well-known Gay dating apps for gay people. It stirred a revolution with gay dating apps when it came out. Grindr was started as an alternative to Tinder, but for gay people only. Grindr follows the similar generic location-based dating.

Grindr Gay Dating App DatingFoo
Grindr > Gay Dating App

It allows you to fully customize your profile and match with guys in your area. In terms of UI, the app is extremely clean looking. It can be used easily, and there is no problem to grasp the basics of Grindr and how it functions.

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Features of Grindr

1. It allows you to filter your search and find your perfect match.

2. Unlike Tinder, Grindr will enable you to share photos via the inbuilt chat.

3. However, Grindr is a seamless experience and allows you to match with people across the world.

4. It even features location sharing.

5. Lets you “favorite” guys.

Pros of Grindr

1. It is an entirely free, clean and fun experience.

2. However, Grindr allows you to match with people across the world.

3. On the other hand, you can have up to 600 matches.

Cons of Grindr

1. It is free, but the free version is filled with ads.

2. Grindr features a premium version, XTRA, which is priced a little steep and not everyone can afford it.

3. Grindr XTRA can range from $12 to $60.

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2. OkCupid: Free Online Dating

OkCupid is not precisely a gay-centric site, but it still deserves its rightful spot on the top gay dating apps list. It is as old as time itself. In the dating sphere, OkCupid is like a grandfather.

OkCupid Gay Dating App DatingFoo
OkCupid > Gay Dating App

It is one of the most experienced gay app one can find today. As I said above, it is not precisely made and curated for gay people. But it serves the purpose super well. You have to pick your interests and put gay, and you are good to go.

Features of OkCupid

1. To summarize, these are the various features OkCupid offers.

2. It is completely free.

3. However, it uses a complicated and intelligent algorithm to find you a match.

4. OkCupid has a clean and visually appealing art style. One can easily understand it and use it without confusion.

1. On the other hand, you can also promote and customize your profile to your heart’s content.

Pros of OKCupid

1. However, OkCupid is free forever. It will never indeed be charged.

2. On the other hand, OkCupid has several genders and orientations to choose from so everyone gets something.

Cons of OkCupid

1. OkCupid is free, but charges to have access to unique features.

3. U2nite – Gay Dating App – Boys chat

The application is one of the most low-key gay dating apps out there. However, due to its unique features, it finds a place on our list of top gay dating apps. However, the application is a fantastic app with unique features. U2nite is made for gay people. It is targeted and made specifically for them.

U2nite - Gay Dating App and Site - Boys chat
U2nite > Gay Dating App

U2nite has unique features that set this app apart. The best part is, it has no subscription or hidden fees behind it. It is a completely free application to use. Once you sign up, you are free to find your match.

Features of U2nite

1. Distance protection. The app will never display your actual location, and this will help protect you from predators.

2. System generated dating spots.

3. However, it has an entire gay-friendly travel section that allows you to go on gay cruises, gay vacations, hotels, etc.

4. On the other hand, you can write a whole essay about yourself and upload unlimited photos to paint a picture.

5. You can chat with gay friends worldwide.

Pros of U2nite

1. It is completely free.

2. However, it has unique features such as chat history and favorites.

3. Made and tailored for gay people.

Cons of U2nite

1. None that we see!

4. MenNation

Critics are talking good things about this app. It claims to be the biggest and the best gay dating app of all time. MenNation is vast and boasts a massive user base. The site claims that there are about 80 to 90 thousand online users at any given time.

MenNation Gay Dating App DatingFoo
MenNation > Gay Dating App

That is a pretty nice amount since gay dating sites are still a very niche market. MenNation is free to use and match with others and upload your info on.

Features of MenNation

1. Match search filters.

2. However, it matches suggestions.

3. Relationship type selection.

4. On the other hand, It has 4 million active users.

Pros of MenNation

1. However,  it is super popular, many people use it. Especially in North America.

2. On the other hand, it is free to use

Cons of MenNation

1. The membership is very steeply-priced. It is expensive, but the total value for money. Additional features require membership.

5. Hornet

It is a gay social media app. It is one of the most accessible and most feature-loaded apps on this top gay dating apps list. Hornet boasts around 25 million users as of now. It is a complete social media app for gay people, with news and stories that are relevant to the LGBTQ community.

Taimi Gay Dating App DatingFoo
Taimi > Gay Dating App

Hornet is a free gay dating app as well and lets you create your unique profiles to attract potential gay hookups.

Features of Hornet

1. Hornet allows you to match and talk to guys you share an internet connection. It could be a hobby, sport or anything.

2. However, it allows you to match with guys from other parts of the city or even the world!

3. If you fancy a guy, you can even forward that profile to your friends.

4. Perhaps the best feature is the KYS (Know your Status) feature that lets you know your HIV status so you can get tested from time to time.

5. Hornet isn’t just a gay dating app; it is a gay lifestyle app.

Pros of Hornet

1. Hornet only put the best gay dating apps on this list, and Hornet indeed is one. It has many pros.

2. However, Hornet is entirely free to use; if you opt for the premium, it will only cost you $7 a month.

3. The application allows you to view trending events near your location.

4. On the other hand, Hornet is one of the best top gay dating apps out there with a fantastic reach and customer support.

Cons of Hornet

1. It is many ads, which can annoy sure people.

2. Hornet is struggling with many fake accounts and bots

3. It consumes a lot of battery very fast.

6. ROMEO – Gay Chat & Gay Dating

ROMEO is not a very well known app in the dating area. But it has proven itself as a decent gay dating app. ROMEO is a fantastic app to find casual flings and hookups. The design of the app is fresh, it looks nice.


ROMEO has tons of generic as well as unique features. The app is very reliable and robust. ROMEO is undoubtedly an excellent alternative to many of the other apps on this list of top gay dating apps.

Features of ROMEO

1. ROMEO allows you to chat for free, and send unlimited messages.

2. ROMEO even allows you to hide your location so you can be safe and secure.

3. However, it will enable you to share naughty pictures for a limited amount of time

4. On the other hand, ROMEO allows you unrestricted matches around the world.

Pros of ROMEO

1. ROMEO is a completely free application. It may be generic, but it still boasts millions of users and downloads

2. However, ROMEO implements advanced search options so you can always find your favorite profiles.

3. On the other hand, it is an ideal application for those who are looking for casual hookups

Cons of ROMEO

1. ROMEO is free, yet full of bots and unmoderated profiles.

2. ROMEO is relatively generic and offers nothing unique in comparison to its competitors

7. Jack’d

Jack’d a universal location-based dating app for bi and gay men. It is highly diverse and does not matter where you are. Jack’d have users all over the world, and you can start chatting right away.

Jack'd Gay Dating App DatingFoo
Jack’d > Gay Dating App

Jack’d have around 1.2 million guys signed up on their website. It is huge. Jack’d all about finding you diverse hookups using technology.

Features of Jack’d

1. Jack’d have a global chat. So if you are going on a vacation, you can start looking for hookups before you even get there

2. However, Jack’d allow you to look up statistics on a user to find out what kind of matches and guy he is into. It helps you not waste time chasing the wrong fish.

3. The application even tells you who stalked your profile recently.

4. On the other hand, Jack’d allow you to hunt other profiles anonymously too if that is your thing.

5. It is one of the best known gay dating sites out there and is 100% safe to use and free as thoroughly.

Pros of Jack’d

1. Jack’d seem in your face, but it has tons of kinky advantages, that everyone loves.

2. However, Jack’d let you pick your ethnicity and search matches based on your preferences.

3. On the other hand, it matches with people from different cities

Cons of Jack’d

Recently, Jack’d is facing a lot of backlash for their lack of developer support.

1. Jack’d consumes too much battery in the background and may overheat your phone.

2. The app is full of glitches, and the location-based services struggle.

3. The design is not as good as it should be.

8. DaddyHunt – Gay Dating

It is possibly the best gay dating apps out of the list. Daddyhunt is curated for people who have a daddy fetish. It boasts over 1 million users too. Daddyhunt has similar features to many other gay dating apps and regular apps.

Daddyhunt > Gay Dating App

You post your private photos or even selfies. You can also ‘follow’ sure guys if you wish to see their updates from time to time. One can say that Daddyhunt is the sexy version of Instagram. Daddyhunt lets you match, browse, chat with thousands of gay men within your locality.

Features of Daddyhunt

1. Browse gay men in your area.

2. Receive and send photos.

3. Match with different kinds of gay people including Twinkies, muscles, Silverdaddies, etc.

4. However, it is 100% Free and secure.

5. On the other hand, it meets your matches in real, life and hook up!

Pros of Daddyhunt

1. Advanced search feature.

2. Travel mode.

3. Safe and secure.

4. However, it allows you to find gay partners according to your kinky needs.

5. On the other hand, the customer support is, and reporting bots and scammers work very well.

Cons of Daddyhunt

1. Has some unfixed bugs.

2. It has a premium version but the price is steep.

3. Infested with scammers and bots.

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Summing Up

These are all the top gay dating apps we have analyzed for you guys. we had your best interests in mind, so we kept a balance of free gay dating apps, feature-laden apps, and some premium apps.

However, they are not perfect, but they are the best the market has to offer. So these are the top gay dating apps you can use to find yourself a gay date or hook up.