Best Cougar Dating Sites {With Pros and Cons}

Ah, cougars. They are something everyone loves. Especially, when a boy grows up he fantase about soccer moms and the aunties next door. Most people never really get to experience a cougar.

They just grow out of it. But if you are like the many who still wanna have a piece of the cake, you have come to the right place.

Here, I have compiled a list of the best cougar dating sites With pros and cons. With my list, you can make a choice and try your luck. Without further wait, let us jump right into it! At this time, get your Oedipus complex on and let’s go.

Best Cougar Dating Sites {With Pros and Cons}

Cougar Dating SitesCost
Seeking CougarFree
Age MatchFree
Elite SinglesFree
Date A CougarFree
Cougar DateFree
MILF BerryFree
Adult Friend FinderFree


Firstly, this is my all-time favourite site to grace my list of best cougar dating sites with pros and cons. Founded in 2006, this amazing site caters towards hot cougars who want some young studs!

However, there are a lot of fake and scam Cougar Dating Sites out there and Cougar Life is one of the most reputable Cougar Dating Sites. It even has a strong user base!

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CougarLife - Cougar Dating Sites - DatingFoo

Pros of CougarLife

  • Reputable and safe to use
  • Well optimized on the mobile
  • However, it is a very good quality user base
  • As well as, it has a Location-based algorithm
  • Tons of cougars available

Cons of CougarLife

  • The site has a monthly charge which is not exactly cheap.
  • No ID verification so it is somewhat crappy when it comes to getting rid of bots.

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Seeking Cougar

However, one of the most well-known cougar dating sites and cubs out there. Secondly, Seeking Cougar is hands down the best looking site on this list.

My list of best cougar dating sites with pros and cons would be incomplete without this site. Seeking Cougar also boasts about 5 million users across the world. That is pretty amazing by itself.

seeking-cougar - Cougar Dating Sites - DatingFoo

Pros of Seeking Cougar

  • It is importantly the easiest to use and best-looking site on the list
  • However, tons of features allowed even for the free users
  • A list of featured members for more matches
  • You will also get a recommended members list
  • It also has an amazing search algorithm

Cons of Seeking Cougar

  • The price is a bit steep, starting at $30 a month
  • Benefits not worth the price

Thirdly, this site is not exclusively meant for cougars, like some of the others on the list. But I just cannot ignore how amazing this bad boy is. AT this time, it is one of the best dating sites of all time, period. So you bet it caters to cougars too! It should be noted if cougars are your thing, get in here! is one of the most well-known site out there. top free dating apps of 2018 DatingFoo

Pros of

  • However, it has extremely good user base
  • As well as you have tons of cougars and studs to find
  • Furthermore, it has extensive search and filtering options
  • It also has an amazing design
  • The site has a very good and constantly growing algorithm

Cons of

  • The approval time is long and sign up takes long
  • Some features limited to free users
  • Not exclusive for cougars


This is a nice little site with an easy to use interface. It is designed so the older MILFs can use it just as well as the younger lot. The site caters to singles 50 and up. It is a nice and crisp look to it. However, the sign-up process is seamless. It is such an easy app to use. It is extremely easy to keep tabs of your activity. I had to include this amazing site on my list.

OurTime Lesbian Dating Sites

Pros of

  • I am interested section
  • However, it delivers handpicked matches to your account every day
  • It also has an extensive filter options
  • Furthermore, it has promote me feature
  • Moreover, it is easy to use

Cons of

  • The site is not as popular as some of the others on the list
  • The features offered are generic and basic at best
  • More features are not unlocked on a free account

Age Match

This site is used by many people to find MILFs, Cougars and sugar daddies. This site truly swings both ways. Although, this site is basically free with premium features at a charge. The huge user base is an ideal for many people.

AgeMatch - Cougar Dating Sites - DatingFoo

Pros of Age Match

  • However, it is massive user base
  • It also send winks when interested
  • Furthermore, it keeps a list of favourite profiles
  • It also has round the clock customer service
  • Keep tabs on who views your profile

Cons of Age Match

  • The free version is extremely limited, premium starts at $30
  • The site has more men than women

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is the superhero we need in this day and age! This site combines cougar dating with no initial investment. EliteSingles is 100% free. It is the only site on my list of best cougar dating sites with pros and cons which is free! That is quite an achievement. The sign up is quick, there are millions of users, what else could you ask for?

Elite Singles - Cougar Dating Sites - DatingFoo

Pros of Elite Singles

  • However, it has a Blog system to connect with friends
  • It also has a large user base
  • Quick sign up
  • Moreover, it has gorgeous site design
  • Social media elements that add to the depth of the site

Cons of Elite Sinles

  • Fill with bots and scammers
  • Way too many older men and not enough cubs
  • Legitimacy still a concern

Date A Cougar

This site claims to be the top of all cougar dating sites in the whole game. However, it is super popular in the United States. The website completely cuts down on the unnecessary parts of making a dating site. It is then reconstructed as a basic model, which I absolutely love. It might seem like it does not have fancy features, but I think less is more.

date-a-cougar-review - Cougar Dating Sites - DatingFoo

Pros of Date A Cougar

  • Lots of users
  • It also has lots of middle-aged cougars
  • However, it has an amazing system to weed out bots
  • Website is fluid and smooth to use
  • Decent interface

Cons of Date A Cougar

  • Absolutely infested with bots and inactive profiles
  • Very less active users


GoCougar is a website geared towards bringing cougars and cubs together under one banner. It may not be as well known as some other entries on this list, but it has its own legacy. The quick sign up, the high amount of users, this site is everything a cougar lover could wish for! However, it is easily the cleanest and the smoothest cougar site to use out here.

Go-Cougar - Cougar Dating Sites - DatingFoo

Laden with tons of features, a nice interface, and affordable price, this is a site which you can’t pass on. As well as tons of MILFs and Cougars are prowling on this site!

Pros of GoCougar

  • Quick sign up the process that ensures that your experience in making an account will be seamless.
  • It, however, has Hot or not feature that allows you to get more matches.
  • It also has search and discovery feature that allows you to find various like-minded MILFs.
  • Furthermore, it has large amounts of MILFs and Cougar.
  • Local algorithm lets you match with cougars around you.
  • Importantly, it is extremely affordable

Cons of GoCougar

  • Definitely not the best cougar dating site out there but it isn’t bad.
  • Generic features

Cougar Date

If you are looking for Cougar Dating Sites which are not mainstream, this should be your choice. Cougar Date is ideal for finding some great casual hook-up. The niche this site targets is quite small. There aren’t many active users on the site. The site features a clean and smooth look at dating cougars. This site is not exactly super great. It is filled with spam profiles and bots. Cougar Date could improve in lots of ways only if they would try.

Cougar-Date - Cougar Dating Sites - DatingFoo

Pros of Cougar Date

  • Advanced security features will keep you and your information safe.
  • The sign up is quick and easy.
  • Full of features.
  • MILF Friendly.
  • Affordable and easy to use.

Cons of Cougar Date

  • Slow loading.
  • Absolutely horrible user base full of bots.
  • The site is also a scam to get more money from the users.

MILF Berry

MILF Berry is one of those sites that do not shy away from nudity and sexually explicit content. It is on my list of best cougar dating sites with pros and cons because the ease of use. MILF Berry allows younger men to find hot older women to hook up with. It is a quick and affordable service that you shouldn’t think too much about. MILF Berry may not be the best site out there, but it is an easy service that you can’t ignore.

milfberry-review - Cougar Dating Sites - DatingFoo

Pros of MILF Berry

  • MILF Berry has an amazing and clean interface
  • Easy to use chats
  • Free messaging
  • It also has a unique map features
  • The site allows you to have push notifications

Cons of MILF Berry

  • MILF Berry is a pretty end of the road site with very generic features.
  • The free side is super limited and does not work.
  • The search feature is not as good as the other sites on the list.

This site is the kinky superhero we all deserve. It allows you to have extensive search options with regards to BDSM, Cross-dressing etc. MILF Date is one of the nicest sites to meet older MILFs and cougars. MILF Date was established in 2009 and today has over a million users.

milf date com review - Cougar Dating Sites - DatingFoo-com-review - Cougar Dating Sites - DatingFoo


  • However, this site allows you to browse profiles without signing up
  • You can rate photos
  • Search by sexual interests and kinks


  • At first, no video chat
  • Generic features

Adult Friend Finder

This site is the leader in dating. This is not exclusive for MILFs and cougars. AdultFriendFinder has tons of features through which you can find yourself a hot milf or a young cub.

AdultFriendFinder - Cougar Dating Sites - DatingFoo

Pros of Adult Friend Finder

  • Adult Friend Finder is a very reputable site.
  • Amazing search options
  • However, it does not shy away from sexual themes.

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Cons of Adult Friend Finder

  • Plenty of fake profiles.
  • Not exclusive to MILFs and Cougars.

I hope you guys loved my list of best cougar dating sites with pros and cons, hope it helps.