How To Tell If a Girl Likes You

If you are a guy and you are reading this then you know that it is difficult for some of the guys to ask girls out. The fear of rejection paralyzes them and they can’t convey their feelings.

So we are here today to help you out a little bit. We are here with a very long and detailed list of signs to tell if a girl likes you.


How To Tell If a Girl Likes You

We have included a lot of signs for you to check and crosscheck (if you are really paranoid). So without any further ado let’s get right into it.

How To Tell If a Girl Likes You

1. She Doesn’t Hesitate Saying Yes When You Ask Her To Hang Out

When a girl really likes you she will always be ready to hang out with you. When you ask her out for a hangout she will definitely say yes.

If she is not into you then she will always try to cancel the plan by making some excuses like she has other plans or maybe that she is kind of busy with work.

No matter how many times you ask her, she will come up with an excuse but If she agrees at once then she really likes you and wants to spend more time with you.

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2. She’s Told Her Friends About You

It’s like a rule that if a girl likes then she will tell her friends about you. They love to gossip so they will definitely talk about you. It’s like spilling the tea. If her girlfriends know about you then you have a chance. How can you know that they have told their friends about you? It’s simple.

They will tell it you themselves. It can come up indirectly in a conversation. You just need to listen carefully when they are talking to you and read in between the lines.

3. She Does Specific Things When You’re In A Group Setting

When you are meeting in the beginning, you guys are probably going to meet in groups. That’s completely natural. But when you do meet take note about the number of times she looks at you and whether she sits close to you or maybe initiate a conversation with you.

These signs means that she is interested in you and wants to get to know more about you. This is a sign that she finds you interesting and might want to get close to you.

4. She Initiates Physical Touch When You’re In Public

Take note of the times she touches you in public. While greeting, if she gives you a long sincere hug and the others a smaller hug then it is possible that she likes you. The difference is subtle so be careful while judging.

While hanging out if she touches your knee, shoulder, and arm more than five times then that also means that she is interested in you.


Physical touch is very important in every relationship and plays an important role. If she initiates the touch then she is breaking the touch barrier and might want you to do the same too.

5. Conversations Between The Two Of You Seems Effortless

When the conversation is not one sided and it flows effortlessly, and time seems to fly when you are in the company of each other then you don’t need to think twice, she is definitely into you.

6. You’re Starting To See Her “Dorky” Side

If a woman is comfortable with you then she will show you her dorky side. Things she hides from the rest of the world will be revealed before you. This can be a quirk or her secret hobby. If she’s opening up to you, she likes you.

7. She Has Openly Told You Some Personal Things About Her Life

An extension of the previous point, if a girl likes you then they open up to you and confides in you. She will tell you her personal details and let you into her personal life. The conversation will not just be small talk but it would mean something. It means she likes you as well as trusts you.

8. She’s Mentioned An Event In The Future She Wants To Go To With You

This can be pretty straight forward. If someone makes plans with you in the future that means that they want you in their life in the future too. If she has ever done this then hands down she likes you.

9. She Wants You To Meet Her Roommates/Friends

It’s important for women to get approval from their closest friends. So if they are asking you to meet her friends then that means she likes you and wants to show you to her friends.

10. She’s Fully Present When She’s With You

In this age of technology, if she spends more of her attention on you rather than checking Instagram or browsing through Facebook then she is into you. Whenever she is with you, she pays you complete attention and is mentally fully present there with you.

11. She’s Wants To Hang Out One-On-One

It’s obvious that you guys meet in groups at first but even if after hanging out for months, she doesn’t ask to hang out one on one then she might not be interested. If she does, then she is interested in you. A lot of things can happen in a one on one hangout which moves a relationship forward.

12. She Mirrors Your Behaviors

If she mirrors your behavior then she is into you. She might not be doing it intentionally but subconsciously. If a girl really likes you then she might start to imitate your actions in a subtle way.

13. She Asks You A Lot Of Questions

If she asks you questions then she wants to know more about you and thereby likes you. Its as simple as that.

14. The Two Of You Text At Least Every Other Day

In the world of technology, if she likes you then there is going to be communication online even if you guys don’t meet every other day.

15. And On That Note…She Isn’t Sending You One Word Responses When You Initiate Texting Her.

If she is interested in you then she won’t reply in one word because that’s a conversation killer. She would want to keep the conversation going and will reply with actual sentences.

16. In Fact…She Even Initiates Texting You Pretty Often

If she likes you then obviously she will also try to initiate conversations with you. If she makes the effort to contact you then she likes you and wants to spend more time with you.

17. She Posts Pictures On Social Media Showing That The Two Of You Have Been Hanging Out

If you find a picture of you guys together, posted by her then that’s a heavy sign in your favor. It means that she is showing you off to the world and making your presence known.

18. She Posts Things On Your Facebook Wall Or Tags You In Things She Thinks You’ll Like

If she does this then that means that she is thinking about you which is always a good sign. It also means that she has kept your likes and dislikes into her mind. This is a positive sign that she likes you.

19. When You Talk On The Phone, The Two Of You Have No Problem Talking For A While

When you are talking to her on call, if the conversation goes effortlessly and there is no hesitation or awkwardness then she is definitely into you. If the conversation can go on for more than 10 minutes without any glitch then she likes you and you are going down the right path.

20. She Texts You Frequent Updates

If she likes you then she might text you her whereabouts at times. This means that she wants you to be a part of her life. This is a positive sign that she wants you to take an interest in her daily life.

21. She Spells Her Words In A Cute Way

Not every girl will do this but if she’s interested in you then she might spell her words in a cute way according to her personality. It just means that she is opening up to you even more and becoming more comfortable with you.

22. She Teases You

This is not always the case with every girl. Remember that they all have different personalities but a lot of girls consider teasing as a sign of flirting. Keep an eye on her, check if she teases people in general or if it is only in your case. If it’s the latter then she sure is into you.

23. She Sends You Photos

Texting is level one, sending photos is level too. You just don’t send your photos to anyone. It means that she wants you to take a peek into her daily life and also that trusts you enough to share a part of her life with you.

It can be a fun experience if you do it right. Pay attention to her photos and react in a positive and engaging way if you really want to date her.

24. Deeper And Longer Eye Contact

Eyes are the windows to the soul, so pay attention to her eyes. If she holds eye contact with you for a long period of time then she is into you. Its normal politeness to hold eye contact but if that eye contact is intense and deep then it means that she likes you.

25. Proximity And Lingering

If she is sitting next to you in the car, standing close to you  or is always lingering around you even when you guys are in a group then that is a positive sign that she likes you. It means that she wants to get close to you and spend time with you.

26. She “Casually” Keeps Touching You

If she keeps touching you innocently then she is interested in you. If she is fixing your hair, wiping food from your mouth, and so on then she is breaking the touch barrier. It’s an indication that she likes you and wants you close to her.

27. She Drops Hints That She’ll Be Free At Certain Times

You need to read between the lines. If a girl is telling you that they are bored because they have nothing to do, or maybe they tell you about a movie they want to see, or drop hints about being free a weekend then dude you need to make a move. She’s literally asking you to take her out.

28. She Talks About You Two Being A Couple

This is kind of a sure deal. If a girl jokes about dating then trust us, it is no joke. Girls won’t ever do that. If she jokes about dating you then she is indirectly telling you that she likes the idea of both of you dating. Take the hint and ask her out already!

29. Laughs At All Your Jokes, Even The Stupid Ones

If she laughs at your jokes, even if they are stupid or corny then no doubt she’s into you. It means that wants to make you feel good about yourself and that is a great thing to do.

30. Asks About Your Other Female Friends Or Whether You Have A Girlfriend

If she asks you about your other female friends then she is gathering information about you and calculating her opponents so to say. If she is jealous of other women you come in contact with then I think it’s pretty obvious that she is into you.

Part 1: Reading the Signs

1. Body Language:

  • Eye Contact: If a girl frequently maintains eye contact with you or blushes when you catch her looking, it’s often a sign of interest.
  • Smiling and Laughter: Genuine smiles and laughter in your presence are positive indicators of attraction.
  • Physical Proximity: She may find reasons to be physically close to you, such as sitting next to you or touching your arm during conversations.
  • Mirroring: People subconsciously mirror the body language of those they are interested in. If she mimics your movements or gestures, it can be a sign.

2. Communication:

  • Frequent Contact: If she initiates contact through calls, texts, or social media, she may be trying to stay connected with you.
  • Engaging Conversations: Engaging in deep and meaningful conversations, and showing interest in your thoughts and feelings, can indicate a deeper connection.
  • Compliments: If she frequently compliments you or pays attention to your appearance, she may be attracted to you.
  • Remembering Details: Pay attention to whether she remembers and brings up details or interests you’ve shared in previous conversations.

3. Behavior Around You:

  • Nervousness: She may appear nervous or fidgety in your presence due to the anticipation of your reaction.
  • Teasing and Playfulness: Light teasing and playful banter can be a way for her to create a connection.
  • Initiating Plans: If she suggests spending time together or initiating plans, it’s often a sign of interest.
  • Encouraging Common Interests: She may express interest in activities or hobbies you enjoy, even if they are new to her.

Part 2: Testing the Waters

1. Flirting:

  • Flirt Back: Responding positively to her flirtatious gestures and maintaining the playful tone can encourage her to express her feelings more openly.
  • Teasing: Light teasing and teasing her back can create a fun and flirtatious atmosphere.

2. Spending Time Together:

  • One-on-One Time: Suggest spending time alone together to see if she accepts or initiates such opportunities.
  • Shared Interests: Plan activities based on shared interests to strengthen your connection.

Part 3: Overcoming Hesitation

1. Assessing Her Shyness:

  • Introverted Personality: Shy girls may take longer to express their feelings or may use subtle cues like increased blushing or avoiding eye contact when discussing emotions.
  • Fear of Rejection: She might be hesitant due to a fear of rejection, so creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment is essential.

2. Engage in Meaningful Conversations:

  • Ask About Her Feelings: If you suspect she is hiding her feelings, consider having an open and honest conversation about your emotions and intentions.
  • Share Your Feelings: Sharing your own feelings and being vulnerable can encourage her to do the same.

Part 4: Identifying a Crush

1. Observing Her Actions:

  • Attention: If she frequently pays attention to your actions or interests on social media, it may be a sign of a crush.
  • Involvement: She may get involved in your social circles or activities to be closer to you.

2. Mutual Friends:

  • Seek Feedback: Mutual friends may have insights into her feelings or have noticed behaviors that indicate a crush.
  • Discretion: If you choose to seek feedback from friends, ensure they handle the situation with discretion and sensitivity.

Part 5: Responding to Attraction

1. Evaluate Your Own Feelings:

  • Reciprocate: If you have mutual feelings, consider reciprocating her interest by expressing your affection.
  • Friendship: If you don’t share the same feelings, handle the situation with empathy and respect, and focus on maintaining a positive friendship.

2. Communicate Openly:

  • Express Your Feelings: If you are interested, be honest about your emotions and intentions.
  • Kind Rejection: If you do not share the same feelings, kindly express your lack of romantic interest while reassuring her of your friendship.

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We hope that this article has been helpful to you. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open around the girl that you like. It’s important that you learn to read in between the lines because girls will always tell you things indirectly. Make sure to be on the lookout for all these signs that we have discussed above.


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