10 Best Anonymous Chat Apps to Talk to Strangers

Anonymous Chat Apps: We all have limited circle or a group to share our thoughts and express our feelings. Sometimes we get pissed off because of our routine dialogues and conversations. We think of having new friends and want to chat with a stranger.

We cannot immediately have a new friend and make a conversation and share all our feelings with that particular person in the real life. But we can create an anonymous stranger at the same time have a crazy and interactive conversation with him or her.

Best Anonymous Chat Apps to Talk to Strangers

Have you ever wondered what people around you are thinking about? This process can only be happened with our Anonymous Chat Apps. These apps provide us an anonymous person, so that we will be able to have a good conversion.

10 Best Anonymous Chat Apps When You Want to Talk to Strangers

Here are the 10 best anonymous chat apps listed below which are helpful for us when we want to talk to a stranger.

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1. Omegle

Omegle is an amazing app and a good way to have a new friend. We can pick up a stranger and start our conversion. It is a free online chat app which allows the user to have a conversation with a stranger without any registration.

We can have an interaction or a chat using names “you”, “stranger” and “stranger 1”. Omegle is the first website in the world of anonymous chat apps which came up with a feature called chat through text and video without registering on website. There are many other websites like Omegle, which are trying to copy the content of this famous website in different ways.

Hence to have its own significance the Omegle is continuously changing its logo. Recently it even added a captcha to its website to make a difference between humans and computers. There are many interesting features and applications in this app which can be purchased through credits and money.

2. Wakie

Through this interesting app we can ask questions, get answers, help others, give advice and have new friends. The person with whom we are making the conversation may be from different place having different traditions.

We can create any topic and start discussing with that particular person. So we can learn many things including opposite persons interest, culture, traditional aspects and many more. The app will make us a call immediately within seconds when they find someone who is interested in responding to our topic

Wakie app was offered by Wakie limited and was released on 24th April 2014 and got updated with its new version 5.1.3 recently on 23rd December 2019. It has now become the most popular app with ten Lakh plus downloads and having 16.98 MB download size according to the Google PlayStore and it is being used almost all over the world for different purposes.

3. Connected2.me

Connected2.me is also the most popular app through which you can meet new friends. The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind before starting our conversation is that we have to set up our profile with our photograph and little bit of information regarding our interests.

We can hide our information and name and start conversation with our nick name. Even the opposite person will be having conversation with their own nick name. Here we have a special feature known as “shuffle” to see who is online and available for chat.

We can even have popular business people and celebrities with whom we can share our feeling, spread gossips and also gain knowledge. This app was offered by C2M which was released on 4th September 2014 and got updated with its new version 3.145 recently on 22nd December 2019 with one million plus downloads.

It has 33.56 MB download size as per Google PlayStore and costs rupees 79.00 to rupees 1,850.00 per item for more interesting features.

4. Whisper

Whisper is a community where a person can spend his valuable time having interaction with knowledgeable persons. We can share secrets, express our feeling and meet new people. There are more than 30 million people who are enjoying this wonderful app.

It is most recommended app for all age groups because this app does not encourage any unwanted discussions. Whisper app also has parental guide feature through which we can manage our all actions.

Whisper app was developed by MediaLab.AI, Inc which was released on 9th May 2013 and got updated to 9.37.2 version on 2nd December 2019. This app has 14.69 MB download size. This app will be able to access our camera to take picture and videos and access the location through GPS.

5. MeetMe

MeetMe is a fun app acquainted with interesting and free features. We will be having video chat with local people and all around the world. Like all other apps even in this app we can share our interests and go live with the people around us.

We can have a conversation with local people to know the local traditions, languages, cultural aspects and even the temperature of the place. This feature will help us when we are in the place as a tourist and want to gain knowledge about that particular place.

MeetMe app was offered by MeetMe.com on 1st July 2010 and was updated on 17th December 2019 with its new version having more than five million plus users. It is currently having 43.30 MB download size and if we want to unlock more interesting feature then we have to pay more called In-app purchase which costs nearly around rupees 53.73 to rupees 26,000.00 per item.

6. RandoChat

RandoChat is one of the highly rated and recommended Anonymous chat Apps for chating lover which is absolutely free and safe to use. There is no need of having any registration or any account to use this app. We just have to download from the Google PlayStore and simply have a wonderful time.

The messages can be deleted and can be removed from the device after sending to the other person. If we upload any inappropriate content which is highly offensive then we may be blocked permanently. Hence we have to be little bit careful.

RandoChat app was offered by WR limited on 12th May 2015 and recently got updated with 4.2.7 on 22nd November 2019. This app is only available for android users with a download size of 6.71 MB and also has In-app purchases from rupees 95.00 to rupees 110.00 per item for more interesting features.

7. ChatOften

The special feature of this app which is very unique is that we can use age filter application to find new friends of our age. We can write our stories and upload our status daily as we normally do in our Instagram and WhatsApp.

We can also hide our information of our safety purpose and have a conversation with a new nick name. We can record our message and send a voice message to the person and can also make it attractive with cool emoji’s.

ChatOften app is only available in Mac App Store it is free to download and use still it offers optional subscription for more interesting features. This app supports family sharing feature through which we can add up to six family members to use this app.

The seller is My Friends Social Limited with the size of 311.6 MB download size which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

8. Chatous

Chatous app will make the user to chat with people from all over the world on different topics. We can even share photographs, videos and stay in touch with the people also enjoy talking with them.

Using a #hashtag we can connect with the people who are interested in our topics and respond to their views. We will be able to protect ourselves by hiding our information and can be seen through a different name.

Conversations are directly streamed into Chatous website; so we have to be careful and mind our actions while talking with the other person. This app is available for download in Google PlayStore and also in Mac App Store.

Even this app like all other apps will support the family sharing application, through which we can add up to six family members so that even they can have a talk with the stranger.

This was offered by Castle Global on 27th August 2013 and was updated on 16th October 2019 with its new version 3.9.87 having more than one million plus downloads. It is having 44.05 MB download size and has in-app purchases which costs rupees 66.43 to rupees 13,600 per item.

9. Holla

Holla was previously known as ChaCha and this is a safe app through which we can have video chat and a voice chat. There is a feature called live app which gives us lots of fun. It also includes tons of love games in the package which adds more happiness to the user.

There is also a feature called HOLLA prime, through which we can enjoy Holla for free. Holla prime Subscription starts from $9.99 per month and will differ from country to country.

The seller of this app is HOLLA limited and is only supported for devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It has a download size of 142.7 MB as per Mac App Store. The new 4.4.8 version has new feature called “spotlight” which helps us to find more relevant matches and persons.

10. Rave

Rave is a wonderful and an interesting platform which enables the user to find their own partner who is interested in a particular topic such as dance, music, cooking and many more. This platform brings together all the likeminded people and gives them an amazing experience. Rave is available on iOS and Andrioid. We can watch the contents of YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive and Viki.

We can invite some friends and start a conversation with them and this platform has users in almost every country in the world hence we will be able to enjoy every movement. We can create our own mashups by mixing music with RaveDJ and has very clean user interface which is very easy to use.

The basic information regarding this platform is that the seller of this application is Rave Media, Inc. It has got nearly 156.3 MB download size which is only compatible with iphone, iPad and iPod touch.

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We are living in the world of growing technology hence we have lot many solutions for a single problem. We will be able to find as many ways as possible to full fill our desires. It’s a true fact that technology will never end with a full stop it only has commas.

All these above mentioned apps will give us lots of confidence, happiness, guide us, support us, share our emotions, feelings and even some times becomes our whole and sole.

Even all the developers and the sellers of the above mentioned apps are striving hard to improve their present available version and are looking forward to update their new version.

We all know that the technology is not alone, it is even having the other side and we have to be little bit cautious. If we use all Anonymous Chat Apps properly and appropriately without violating the rules, they become our future and help us in solving all our problems.

As many of Anonymous Chat Apps store our conversations we have to be careful while talking with the other party or sharing any important information with them.

Otherwise we may fall into risk and automatically have to face all the difficulties. By following these precautions we can avoid the unnecessary hurdles, troubles and have a joyful, happy, fun and excited talk with a stranger.