6 Best Discord Dating Servers That You Should Join

In this article, we have discussed the 6 best Discord Dating Servers and also how to join them. You can join the Dating server by clicking on the link. The admin will verify the user account and voila get ready for the best of virtual life just by using the Discord.

Understanding Discord Dating Servers

Discord dating servers refer to specific Discord communities or channels dedicated to facilitating connections, conversations, and interactions among people interested in dating or forming romantic relationships.

These servers are distinct from the primary use of Discord, which is primarily for communication and collaboration within gaming and other interest-based communities.

Discord Dating Servers

Key Features and Functionality

  1. User-Created Communities: Discord dating servers are typically user-created and managed communities. Users can join these servers based on their interests, preferences, and location.
  2. Text and Voice Channels: Dating servers offer a variety of text and voice channels where members can engage in discussions, share experiences, and connect with others. These channels are often categorized by topics, such as general chat, dating advice, or specific interests.
  3. Profile and Introduction Channels: Many dating servers include designated channels where members can introduce themselves, share photos or descriptions, and specify their dating preferences.
  4. Matching and Dating Events: Some servers organize matchmaking or speed dating events, where members can participate in structured activities to meet potential partners.
  5. Moderation: Dating servers typically have moderators who enforce rules and guidelines to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all members.
  6. Age and Verification: To maintain a secure space, some dating servers implement age restrictions and verification processes to ensure members are of legal age.

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Considerations for Using Discord Dating Servers

  1. Safety: Online safety should always be a top priority. Avoid sharing personal information such as your home address, phone number, or financial details with anyone you meet on Discord. Be cautious when interacting with strangers and report any suspicious behavior to server moderators.
  2. Respect: Treat all members with respect and kindness. Discord dating servers should be inclusive and welcoming spaces for individuals from various backgrounds and orientations.
  3. Privacy: Be mindful of the information you share about yourself. Use discretion when sharing personal photos or details, and consider using a pseudonym or username instead of your real name.
  4. Server Rules: Familiarize yourself with the specific rules and guidelines of each dating server you join. Violating these rules may result in warnings or removal from the community.
  5. Consent: Always seek and respect the consent of others when engaging in private conversations or interactions.
  6. Reporting: If you encounter harassment, offensive behavior, or any form of abuse within a dating server, promptly report it to the server’s moderators or administrators.

Discord Usages and Users

One of the most famous services among gamers is Discord. Discord is mostly free to use and provides seamless audio communication between users through channels of servers.

This feature especially has made Discord one of the most widely used VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) applications over the world.

The Discord application was originally developed in 2015. It has been made available cross-platform ranging from Windows OS in computer to Android in mobile phones. Its popularity has made the developers release the app in 27 different languages across the world.

The main user base for Discord has been gamers through and through. But like any other application that provides communication services, Discord also allows the creation of servers other than gaming purposes.

Discord with its 250 million-plus users, allows people to create servers that will serve the audience according to their requirements.

6 Best Discord Dating Servers That You Should Join

The servers on Discord are operated by administrators (admins) and moderators (mods) filter the contents and also the participants of the server.

A server might be private according to its privacy setting set by the admin, but a user can always join the server if he or she has been verified by one of the mods or the admin himself/herself.

There are many dating servers available to join on Discord but only some of them are worth it. This article has acted as your personal filter and picked out some of the best Discord servers.

This is to notify you that some of these servers are 18+ age restricted and for mature content only. This NSFW (Not Safe for Work) servers are very strict about their audience age policies and some of them might even ask for age proof before allowing joining the server.

1. Discord Friends

This is one of the most popular dating and chatting server that is present on Discord. The active and ever-growing community helps it attract even more users than other servers.

It contains tags such as Dating, Love, Relationship, Date, 13-17. It can be also defined as a custom role-playing server allowing users to choose their own avatars according to their preferences.

This server was earlier known as Discord Dating. Its server name is plain and simple yet effective enough to attract users. This server host events weekly and even conducts giveaways. Although, the users need to verify themselves to gain access to full customization services.

  • A very supportive and strong community allows peace and harmony to co-exist without people spreading toxic or offensive content.
  • This server provides a custom music channel where people can listen to music together and build up a good relationship among them.

To join this server, click the link given below.


Sometimes the server links expire due to inactivity. In that case, search for the Server name on Google and join using the link provided by it.

2. Beautiful People

It is a community server consisting of more than three thousand members. It contains tags such as Social, Gaming, Dating, Friends, and Chat. This suggests that this server is very much oriented around the idea of casual friendship and dating.

This server considers everyone beautiful and encourages the members to respect each other’s appearance. After joining this server, members need to verify their identity to become a part of this server.

  • It has a common chat room for all users that helps in community development.
  • Server support and response regarding disputes is generally very good in this server.

To join this server, please follow the link given below.


Sometimes the server links expire due to inactivity. In that case, search for the Server name on Google and join using the link provided by it.

3. Playroom

This particular server on Discord is one of the largest dating servers with more than 70k users. It’s an NSFW server and allows mature content sharing between users.

This server offers giveaways too and has a well laid out private channel system allowing users to create VIP rooms.

This is probably one of the best 18+ servers on Discord. Of course, the user will have to verify oneself before becoming a permanent member of this server.

  • It has custom channels such as blind match which will match users based on their taste and choice in a very non-discriminatory manner.
  • Allows new and existing members to take a peek upon the profiles that are currently a part of this server. (Allows selfie sharing)
  • It has multiple channels for fun such as memes, art, pets, media, culinary, etc.
  • Allows the creation of private chat rooms.

Please click on the link given below to join the server.


4. Juicy

This is another one of the Discords NSFW servers with over thousands of users. This server requires new members to provide valid age proof for joining various channels offered by it. Subscribers and verified members are privy to custom commands.

This server is one of the unique servers that provide self-assigned roles such as gender, age, preferences, etc that other members will be able to view before engaging in a conversation.

This server is strictly 18+ and users below this age group are restricted to access. The staff is very much active and conducts giveaways too along with regular VC parties.

  • Private channels such as anime, coding, games, etc.
  • Profiles and selfies browsing channels for verified members.
  • Voice channels for specific roles that the user selects.

It is worth joining this server due to its variety of channels that users can select according to their requirements. Please click on the link given below to join this server.


5. Anime Soul Discord

Anime lovers should waste no time in joining this server on Discord due to the fact that it provides a playground for all anime lovers to expand their interests in an interesting and unique way.

Servers have mentioned some of the services below:

  1. Regular announcements and updates regarding various server events.
  2. VIP members have the exclusive opportunity to win giveaways in the form of vouchers and gift cards.
  3. Channels such as Pokemon and anime card game rooms are available depending on the fan base.
  4. Adult Manga and anime-pics are available in this server for public access hence providing artists and freelancers an open platform to display talents.

Voice channels and private lounges are available for VIP access where users are focused on the mature side of things.

Anime fanatics should not scroll by without clicking the link given below to join this server.


6. Canada Hangout

This particular server has been created by and for the people living in Canada. There are no restrictions as to who can join this server. So, we invite users from all over the world to join this server. This server is a good one to join because:

  1. Users that are deemed to be qualified enough are appointed as staff by the server admins. This adds to the income of that user.
  2. Very basic and simple server, which allows users to understand the purpose of each server with ease.
  3. Provides 18+ channels for people/users looking for mature content o Discord.
  4. It’s an ever-growing server that is self-sustained by the members themselves.

To join this server, please click on the link provided below:


How To Join Discord Dating Servers

For Windows Users

Steps 1: First of all, open Google or Microsoft Edge Browser.

Steps 2: Secondly, search for Discord in Google or click on this link.

Steps 3: Then, click on the option forDownload for Windows.

Steps 4: After the download finishes, open the download windows tab by pressing CTRL + J.

Steps 5: Double click on the downloaded Discord Software (.exe file) to load up the Setup application.

Steps 6: Follow the installation process given on-screen.

Steps 7: After completing the installation process, open the application, and create an account.

Steps 8: Lastly, click on the links mentioned above to join the servers.

For Android Users

Steps 1: Open Google Play store from the given app-list on your device.

Steps 2: Search for “Discord” on the search bar.

Steps 3: Click on the install button and the phone should start downloading the application instantly.

Steps 4: Open the application and set up your profile.

Steps 5: Click on the given links to join the servers.

It’s very easy and simple to open and operate a Discord account. Due to this very fact that Discord is easily accessible, people tend to use this app over other similar ones.

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Wrapping Up

In this generation, the virtual world is far more exciting and full of adventures as far as millennials are concerned. If not for these applications such as Discord, cross-cultural and social interactions would not have been possible.

People are social animals by nature. We can’t survive without interaction with others. This nature of humans has been perfectly utilized Discord Inc. to bring people closer.

The very service of connecting people throughout the world has brought this company one step closer to becoming one of the major leading brands in this world.

Hence we encourage all the readers to join this wonderful application and enjoy its benefits to the fullest without any regrets. Bookmark this page if necessary but please don’t scroll past it without even trying out one of the servers mentioned above.

It’ll be worth your time.


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