10 Disabled Dating Sites {Best and Tested Sites}

Dating can be challenging for Peoples, especially online dating, but dating when you are disabled mentally or physically can make it that much more troublesome. Therefore we have the Best Disabled Dating Sites for Disabled peoples.

Human society, in general, has always held prejudice against anything apart from what they consider reasonable.

Anything out of the mold doesn’t fit in their quota of respect. We would be lying if we said this wasn’t the case with people bearing any physical or mental handicaps. Seldom do they ever come across people who are willing to be there for them or are, at the very least, considerate.

If it wasn’t apparent by now, dating may or may not be the most frantic aspect of their lives. While you may find a good number of pro-disability people on mainstream dating sites, the ones set to serve a specific section of society still win the bet. Dating sites specially curated for the disabled enable them to take control over their lives, one person at a time.

Not only do they make finding love easier, but they are also therapeutic. The hesitation one feels offline among people often vanishes online. It has been observed that online dating has brought forth confidence in the handicapped, and the reason behind it is no rocket science.

To be provided with an environment buzzing with people, one can relate themselves with is surely comforting and encouraging.

Other than the community itself, it has also sensitized people from all over the globe and has opened panels for discussion. The long-held taboos around disability are now being cast away as myths and rubbish, just as they are.

Top 10 Disabled Dating Sites in 2024

Give Google a break because our list of best disabled dating sites may be what you’re looking for:

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1. Disability Match

Disability Match is often hailed as the pioneer of dating sites for the differently-abled. As one can guess from the name, it lets you befriend (also with benefits *wink wink*) or date people who have your preferred disability.

Bonus points (probably the only points you’ll get) if you’re a resident of the United Kingdom, owing to its significant user base in the region. You can also put filters on location, disabilities, and other preferences to narrow down your search.

Disability Match - Best Disabled Dating Sites

Don’t worry about not being tech-savvy; Disability Match also includes video tutorials. Also, don’t fret about any form of information breach (Facebook, you can’t just LEAVE like that). Selling information and letting in creeps is now how they roll.

Stay for:

  1. A detailed search tool that gives the user ultimate control over his/her choice.
  2. The ‘Flirt’ feature, which does what it means, lets you spend time with a partner.
  3. International users are welcome to register.
  4. Short registration procedure.

Pass for:

  1. Only one language supported (English, of course).
  2. Limited options to choose from due to low popularity.

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2. MySpecialMatch

Michigan-based web developer couple, Shannon and Steve Harwood, never imagined their lives to be any different from normal. But then, the unimaginable happened. Amanda, their daughter of two and a half, had been faced with an injury that had left her both physically and mentally handicapped for life. As parents to a girl with special needs, they knew she’d be viewing the world from a different glass. But they couldn’t just sit and watch.

MySpecialMatch - Disabled Dating Sites

As she grew older, her need to be with someone raised stronger, and so made the difficulty in finding the right one. Just as any other parent, Shannon and her husband took note of it. Instead of feeling the need of only their daughter, they thought it on the scale of the entire disability community.

They believed that one’s physical or mental incapability should never deny them the basic human need for companionship. Hence, with their skill, hard work, and dedication, MySpecialMatch took birth on the face of the internet.

Stay for:

  1. Promotes long-term relationships.
  2. Highly detailed search filters

Pass for:

  1. The site layout and design leave a big room for improvement.

3. SpecialBridge

SpecialBridge is the brainchild of Michael Robbins and Lauren Ellis, whose existence was a result of Miss Lauren’s sister’s perils caused by her mental instability. She had trouble bonding with other people due to her condition, which was worsening it.

SpecialBridge - Free Disabled Dating Sites

As her family, they took her struggle to heart, and as web developers, they sought to employ their skills to scrape away the struggles of many others like her. In December of 2013, their joint efforts and determination brought forth SpecialBridge.

Stay for:

  1. The users are checked for any criminal background.
  2. Freedom to block users.
  3. You are probing questionnaires to understand your preferences in matches fully.

Pass for:

  1. You cannot contact members without purchasing a paid membership
  2. You cannot control who views your profile, .i.e. your profile is public.

4. Whispers4U

Whispers 4 U shines in a different light than its competitors. To be able to use it, being disabled is not a compulsion. All one needs is a positive and healthy outlook towards disability, regardless of one’s health conditions.

Since its foundation back in 2002, it has been a pioneer in cutting down the distance between people who have been searching for their counterparts elsewhere.

Whispers4U - Dating Sites for Disabled Seniors

If you’ve been watching television, you might’ve noticed that this site has signed-up with a popular TV show “The Undateables.” This move was not well-received (honestly, what did they even expect?), but it hasn’t caused the site any significant loss.

Stay for:

  1. A free premium membership for women, to keep the ratio of men and women on the site in check. (let’s not start a debate on equality)
  2. A broader spectrum of people to choose from.
  3. The paid upgrade is actually worth it. (unlocks a bunch of new features.)

Pass for:

  1. A tad bit more expensive than its competitors.

5. Soulful Encounters

All of us have our friends act as our wingmen/wingwomen and also as our 3 a.m.-ranting partners when we don’t have it all together. Well, Soulful Encounters, they try to be that very friendly to their users.

Louise Maxwell, the creator, felt the need for a haven on the internet where you can find love and support in one place. Thus, she thought beyond the romantic needs and gave space to mental health in her creation. At Soulful Encounters, other than browsing for dates, you can head to their large support groups whenever you are in need of some push and guidance.

Stay for:

  1. Soulful Encounters also host their radio show, providing on-call counselling.
  2. Just a one-time nominal registration fee in exchange for the user’s phone number for verification. No extra charges.
  3. A spiritual corner as a live chat room for prayers. Prayer meetings are also conducted.

Pass for:

  1. The design and page layout are obsolete.
  2. The interface may not be user-friendly with people of specific mental handicap.

6. Meet Disabled Singles

You’ve got to believe the words Meet Disabled Single swears by, “Spend a couple of minutes and let us be your cupid!” the site does exactly what it says it does. It creates a common platform where one can get in touch with others like themselves and take things offline.

The advanced search and filter options give you more power to exercise your preferences. Nevertheless, to design an attractive and interactive layout might not have on their priority list. They do try to make up for it with their assortment of communication tools.

Stay for:

  1. The availability of live video chat rooms.
  2. It has extensively categorized search filters.
  3. Members and users and be individually searched, which is pretty rare for a dating site.
  4. Inclusion of the “Flirt” option.

Pass for:

  1. The app glitches a lot, which directly translates to poor user experience.
  2. The “Flirt” option may do more harm than good as it can be an open invitation for any Tom, Dick, and Harry to text or harass you.

7. Disability Dating

Based on the idea of delivering a “safer” environment to explore love, Disability Dating has recently garnered some fame for their seemingly absurd idea of limited daily registrations.

Disability Dating - Best Disabled Dating Sites

Although odd, it admittedly might help in keeping the “gates” in check. And consequently, making a lot of initially interested people disinterested after encountering it. All in all, the website doesn’t do much to stand out in any other aspect or field.

Stay for:

  1. It is free.
  2. They are pretty tight on security.

Pass for:

  1. Utter lack of site maintenance.
  2. The site has a set limit of daily registration. If reached, you will have to wait until the next day to register.

8. Dating4Disabled

As the trend of enabling users to create a blog on sites grows, Dating 4 Disabled is fast to latch on to it. Bearing all the qualities of its competitors, it adds to itself the trendy feature.

Dating4Disabled - Disabled Dating Sites

Users can document and share snippets on their online journals, making it a much more interactive and informative dating platform. Not only is it an insightful exercise, but journaling has been found to help in coping with stress.

Stay for:

  1. The site is easy to navigate, making it easier to use its ample resources.
  2. The security staff members screen each profile to ensure the authenticity of its uses and a safe environment.
  3. A wide range of tools and features to choose from while communicating.

Pass for:

  1. Loaded with advertisements.
  2. Blogging may make your sensitive information vulnerable.

9. Disabled Passions

Disables Passions claims to be 100% free, and it does sound fishy. Nevertheless, it has been having its share of the limelight, for good or for bad. Being free of cost makes it accessible to a more significant part of the population, but it may not be all the good ones that sign up for it.

It serves its obvious purpose (dating, hook-ups and casual chatting) pretty smoothly and is quick to include other features such as support groups. Although we’ve seen support groups on other sites, the ones on Disabled Passions are comparatively larger. It’s free folks, what did you think?

Stay for:

  1. No registration fee. (more money to spend on dates)
  2. Support groups to help you get it all together.
  3. A much more extensive and varied user base.

Pass for:

  1. Loaded with advertisements.
  2. Due to the fact that it is free, the ones with mischief on their minds won’t be far.

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10. No Longer Lonely

No Longer Lonely is a bona fide star in the world of Online Disabled Dating Sites. Jim Leftwich’s life definitely would’ve gone downhill had he not seized control over it at the right time. He had been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder at a young age resulting in a life full of every sort of struggle imaginable. After suffering for a few years, an extended lost sense of realization struck him. He finally understood what he had been doing wrong all this time.

No Longer Lonely - Dating Sites for Disabled Singles

Instead of thinking beyond his incapabilities, he had been bouncing back and forth around it, unable to re-center his focus on anything else. Taking a lesson learnt, he set out to turn around the lives of thousands of others like him. Did he do it? Of course, he did! In 2004, he launched No Longer Lonely in an effort to make companionship more convenient and handy.

Stay for:

  1. Particular emphasis is given to people suffering from mental illness such as schizophrenia.
  2. Impressive and interactive site layout.

Pass for:

  1. Low traffic as compared to its competitors, so you may have limited options to browse through.

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Summing Up

It is undeniable that the dating scene for the disabled has expanded in recent times, but there is always room for improvement. A majority of sites listed above have proved themselves to be promising, and yet they need a lot of work.

While these are just the best 10 out of sea hundreds, the future of disabled dating seems full of potential. For a hundred sites now, hundreds more will emerge in years to come, bringing dating for disabled to the mainstream.