11 Best Free Lesbian Dating Sites in 2024 {With Pros & Cons}

It is 2019 and it is a damn good time to be gay. The world is opening up and more people are coming out of the closet.

With the rise in people identifying as lesbian or gay, more and more lesbian dating sites are also popping up. So follow my list of best Lesbian Dating Sites with pros and cons and find yourself your hot Lesbian Hookup!

Best Lesbian Dating Sites With Pros and Cons

1. Match.com

Ah, the old veteran. This app is truly the Elvis Presley of all dating apps. Match easily finds a place on my list of best Lesbian Dating Sites. Match.com is still on fire even in 2018.

Even though Match.com is not an exclusively lesbian dating site, it still packs a punch. The match is easily the biggest dating site today and it caters to lesbian individuals as well.

Match Com Lesbian Dating Sites

Match.com has a similar formula when getting your lesbian hookups dating site. It is also 100% free with around 49 million current users.

However, Match.com is doing amazing and is one of the best Gay Lesbian Dating Sites. There is no doubt about it, any list about dating sites is incomplete without Match.com.

Features of Match.com

  • Unique features such as “match me” allow you to request matches.
  • The algorithm evolves and adapts to your likes and dislikes. It changes according to your needs. Lesbian and gay people might find this feature particularly useful.
  • com is very immersive and does not have many bugs and glitches. The app works well.
  • The app constantly adds with new features.
  • The search engine is very advanced and allows you to specify your preferences. This feature is particularly useful for those looking for only lesbians

Pros of Match.com

  • However, Match.com is an old player in the game. It can be trusted with your data
  • Verified profiles ensure zero bots
  • It also has a decent art style
  • High lesbian userbase

Cons of Match.com

  • The free version does not have all the features and the subscription is very expensive
  • Verification of profile takes time which can turn off some people.

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2. OurTime

This app is totally unique. For starters, this app is for single women above 50.  I included this in my list of best lesbian dating sites with pros and cons because of the ideal features. Moreover, if you are an older lady looking for a lesbian date, OurTime is your way to go.

OurTime Lesbian Dating Sites

The site is totally free but the paid premium version features more things to do. You can also purchase tokens starting at $0.99. These tokens are to select extra features you might want.

Features of OurTime

  • OurTime lets you increase your chances of matching by letting you use tokens. Tokens allow you to get features such as “Notify me” “Match me” etc.
  • The search features and options are very well crafted.
  • 10 handpicked matches delivered to your profile every day.
  • “Promote me” allows you to put yourself out there.
  • The well-developed site with developer support.

Pros of OurTime

  • It should be noted that this is an app mostly limited to older seniors. Undoubtedly, OurTime could be a good site for them to get to know other people.
  • Search functions are very well equipped.

Cons of OurTime

  • OurTime app is limited to seniors and this could be a turn off for a younger population.
  • Packed with features that most users will never use or know how to use.

3. EliteSingles

EliteSingles is a well-known alternative to many runs of the mill apps such as eharmony or Tinder. It packs a strong punch of features and security.

Elite Singles - Cougar Dating Sites - DatingFoo

Elite Singles may not only be a strictly one of lesbian dating sites, but it also has a strong female user base. EliteSingles caters more to serious relationships than hookups. Safety and security is a primary objective of this dating site. You can be assured that your data will be totally safe.

Features of EliteSingles

  • However, EliteSingles app is very well crafted and does not drain your phone’s battery
  • You be very thorough with your profile and truly customize it
  • Furthermore, the app has extensive security measures
  • An ideal app to meet lesbians because of the high female userbase
  • Moreover, the app is very well made with an easy on the eyes design

Pros of EliteSingles

  • The verification, filtering and security measures are laudable
  • EliteSIngles is popular and most of the users are educated
  • EliteSingles is for people looking for a serious commitment

Cons of EliteSingles

  • The site or the app totally lacks a search function
  • EliteSingles is free but not very useful as most features are locked behind the premium area
  • EliteSingles is very expensive, starting $90 a month for the premium account, which gives you extra features.

4. Zoosk

Zoosk is a well rounded lesbian dating site that has been around for quite a long time. However, the app is made for young people. This goes without saying, Zoosk is doing amazingly well with the LGBTQ community. So if you are a lesbian, the app is the ideal app for you.

Zoosk Dating Sites DatingFoo

It should be noted that Zoosk has a massive user base from over 80 countries. Zoosk has certainly earned a place on the best lesbian dating sites with pros and cons list.

Features of Zoosk

  • However, Zoosk is very popular and has a very strong and active user base
  • It is a pleasure to use and the design is very hip and laidback
  • The app also has a booming and active lesbian community
  • You can even go back and forth while picking matches, unlike many other apps
  • Moreover, the app verifies the users via Facebook and Google+ to ensure they are not bots

Pros of Zoosk

  • However, Zoosk has an “insights” feature that lets you check out the data on what kind of people and matches you go for
  • The app is made for security. Especially, the verification keeps you 100% safe and you can trust Zoosk with your data
  • Therefore, Zoosk is ideal for LGBTQ women because of the high female user population

Cons of Zoosk

  • You cannot send a message without the premium account
  • The premium account is a little pricey and will set you back by $30

5. GirlfriendsMeet

This site is a total lesbian site. It caters only to women. So if you want to avoid all that mixed nonsense, go for GirlfriendsMeet! Hence, this is a great site for girls who are looking for a partner. GirlfriendsMeet is not totally filled with features, but it is still a great app.

GirlfriendsMeet - Lesbian Dating Sites - DatingFoo

GirlfriendsMeet belongs on my list of best lesbian dating sites with pros and cons for sure. This site is safe and easy to use.

Features of GirlfriendsMeet

  • However, GirlfriendsMeet concentrates on safety
  • It is an exclusive girls site
  • Moreover, the app organizes events for bisexuals to meet through
  • The search capabilities are great
  • Furthermore, GirlfriendsMeet is safe and secure

Pros of GirlfriendsMeet

  • However, this app is totally free, there is no membership fee!
  • This app is for women only and has a high number of women users

Cons of GirlfriendsMeet

  • The app is full of bugs and mostly has generic features
  • The app struggles to maintain a user base

6. BlackPeopleMeet

This site is a very exclusive site that concentrates mostly on African Americans. However, it targets the niche market of racial dating. Blackpeoplemeet is not totally an LGBTQ app. But this app manages to bring a significant amount of black bisexuals online. Blackpeoplemeet is mostly limited to the united states.

BlackPeopleMeet Review - Lesbian Dating Sites - DatingFoo

Features of BlackPeopleMeet

  • However, the app features plenty of icebreaker questions
  • It even has the search by preference
  • Furthermore, Blackpeoplemeet is exclusively for black people of all orientations and body types
  • Moreover, you can even go through your activity history
  • It is also a High-Quality user base

Pros of BlackPeopleMeet

  • Great app if you are looking for a black partner
  • Site’s design is great
  • Easy to use

Cons of BlackPeopleMeet

  • It has mostly generic features
  • The free version is very restricted

7. SheMeetsHer

This is another totally lesbian websites on our list. SheMeetsHer adds security and casual dating with a professional yet easy-going look. It is one of the most talked-about lesbian apps out there.

SheMeetsHer Dating Apps For Lesbians

I feel like this app totally belongs on the best lesbian dating sites with pros and cons. This app is simply one of the best.

Features of SheMeetsHer

  • SheMeetsHer has millions of users across the world
  • You can, however, sign up for free and browse profiles
  • Importantly, the design and look of the site is very rustic and attractive
  • The layout is great and it is easily one of the easiest to use lesbian dating apps
  • It is an app for black females seeking a lesbian partner

Pros of SheMeetsHer

  • However, this app is affordable and the monthly premium is totally worth paying for
  • SheMeetsHer places security as an important aspect of the app
  • Furthermore, SheMeetsHer has thousands of new lesbians joining every single day
  • This app also does a great job and the user quality is simply great.

Cons of Shemeetsher

  • This app restricts to black people only
  • The app has more users in the US rather than all over the world.

8. BeNaughty

BeNaughty is perhaps one of a kind. However, it is well known in the dating scene and is considered the best site for single females. The female population in the user base is a staggering 52%!

BeNaughty Lesbian Dating Sites

Using this app ensures that you will end up finding yourself a new lesbian hook up.

Features of BeNaughty

  • Huge user base population, with up to 40,000 joinings each week
  • Well verified profiles, almost no chatbots
  • Mass message system
  • Well developed app for android and apple
  • Ideal for lesbian women

Pros of BeNaughty

  • However, this app has a high number of female users
  • BeNaughty is one of the fastest-growing dating apps
  • It is also safe and secure

Cons of BeNaughty

  • The app features a non-existent matchmaking algorithm
  • Full of pop-ups and advertisements

9. AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder is perhaps the most well-known lesbian dating sites out there. This app may not cater to the LGBT community specifically but it is pretty great for single women.

Adult FriendFinder Dating Sites DatingFoo

AdultFriendFinder app features a huge user base of the LGBT community so lesbians will find themselves in good company. This app is an obvious mention on my list of best lesbian dating sites with pros and cons.

Features of Adultfriendfinder

  • Well known and reputable dating site
  • A plethora of features and things to try
  • Search engine capabilities are amazing
  • Safe and discreet for hooking up
  • You can even start blogs, cams, etc.

Pros of Adultfriendfinder

  • The site has a very loyal and active user base
  • However, the LGBTQ community is very active on Adultfriendfinder
  • Ice breaker messages to start chatting with your matches
  • Furthermore, there are various ways to express your sexual interests and desires.

Cons of Adultfriendfinder

  • This site is not for those who are seeking a serious relationship
  • The paid membership does not cover many of the separate features such as model videos, sex academy, etc.
  • Male to Female ratio has not publicly confirmed yet.

10. PinkCupid

PinkCupid is one of the exclusive lesbian dating sites & apps. It is not as huge, but it has amassed over 800,000 users across the world. PinkCupid is a small yet charming app designed to bring a safe environment for lesbians to date in.

PinkCupid Free Lesbian Dating Sites

It allows you to customize your profiles to your heart’s content. This feature, coupled with the safety features is a total punch!

Features of Pink Cupid

  • However, PinkCupid is exclusively for lesbians and has a huge number of users in the US and Canada.
  • PinkCupid also allows you to match with women across the world as well as around you.
  • The app features a built-in translator with a premium account’s purchase.
  • PinkCupid is very well designed and easy to use.
  • The app is for women who are looking for a serious relationship.

Pros of Pink Cupid

  • PinkCupid has a loyal and steadily growing user base.
  • The app is very well made and looking at it is a pleasant experience.
  • Safe and secure site.

Cons of Pink Cupid

  • Very small amount of active users.
  • Has annoying pop-ups all over the site.
  • Only premium members can message each other.

11. Lesbian Friends Date

Another entry in my list is an exclusively lesbian dating site. This is the one true site that is for lesbians to find companionship. This is not for casual dating.

Lesbian Friends Date is a very hyped app. It is not just a site or an app, it is a whole community of lesbians.

Features of Lesbian Friends Date

  • However, this app is very well made for the android as well as the iOS
  • The site has made for the safety and security of lesbians.
  • The app is also well designed and has the usual dating app features.
  • You can browse girls in your area
  • It is for real relationships and dating only

Pros of Lesbian Friends Date

  • This site is safe and secure and you can trust the site with your information
  • The site is totally 100% free to use and there is no premium access or account.

Cons of Lesbian Friends Date

  • Has only 200 active users in a day
  • Very empty and full of bugs
  • Not very fun to use

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