Top Rated Flirting Apps for Android & iOS Users in 2024

I have been writing on dating or hookup apps a lot. But many people do not want to go through the hassle of Flirting Apps or hooking up.

And I totally get that. Some people are only looking for the thrill of the chase. The thrill of flirting with people and of hitting all those flirty picks up lines.

Some people do not care about dating at all. After all, who wants to spend hours getting ready for a date? You can easily get the same kicks while flirting with random strangers online. And the best part? It is completely discreet. Nobody will know what you are doing!

That’s the good stuff. Well, today I am here to show you the various apps that you can use to get that flirting off. Here is my list of Top Flirting Apps of 2019. Buckle up because if you start using these, you are going to have a crazy night.

Top Flirting Apps of 2019

Hook Up AppsiOS/AndroidCost
POF (Plenty of Fish)BothFree
Coffee Meets BagelBothFree

1. Tinder – A Popular Flirting App

Tinder hook up sites Daingfoo

Let me get one thing very clear, when it comes to flirting or dating, Tinder is the number one app available. It is super popular.

Literally, everyone in the world uses Tinder to fulfill their needs. This fact alone puts Tinder on the number one spot on my top flirting apps of 2019 list. Tinder is a very well made application. It has over 50 million-plus active users on the application.

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You can do anything from hook up, relationships to just casual flirting. If casual flirting is your goal, then Tinder is just ideal.

For starters, Tinder is incredibly safe and very discreet. Most of the people who want to casually flirt and getaway don’t want to be weighed down by others.

Tinder allows just that. All it needs is an integration of your Facebook account, for safety purposes. Other than that, your safety is assured.

Features of Tinder

  • Tinder uses location-based services to find other users closest to your current location. After that, it allows you to swipe left (reject) or swipe right(accept) those users if you dislike/like them.
  • However, Tinder has various other interesting features such as group meetups, discovery, GIF chat, etc.
  • Tinder is totally free, but for a small monthly subscription, you can avail extra features such as more swipes, more super likes, etc.
  • Completely bot and scammer free due to high-level verification
  • Very popular and filled with people

Pros of Tinder

  • The subscription price provides many features that are completely worth it.
  • However, the price is very affordable, around $9 a month.
  • On the other hand, the well balanced and populated app will provide you with plenty of people to choose from.

Cons of Tinder

  • Tinder lets you meet locals who can lead you to find people you know. It could make things awkward.
  • It offers nothing new.

2. OkCupid

OkCupid hook up sites Daingfoo

OkCupid is one of the oldest players in the free flirting dating apps market. It packs the best punch of features, reliability, and safety. You can be 100% safe on OkCupid. OkCupid enjoys a loyal following of millions of people. The application is an ideal flirting app if you want to start having regular flirting sessions and improve your flirting skills.

OkCupid may seem old, but it is still considered one of the best apps to hone your flirting skills. The quality of members on OkCupid is high, and the site is extremely friendly. OkCupid is totally free, but you can opt for their premium packages which give you a bang for your buck. The premium features are totally worth every penny, for sure.

Features of OkCupid

  • High quality and loyal users.
  • Well, a balanced dating app with plenty of men as well as women.
  • Very well designed with a beautiful aesthetic
  • However, Quick registration lets you join the flirting fun right away.
  • On the other hand, it shows you a compatibility percentage with profiles based on your likes and dislikes. This feature helps you not waste time chasing the wrong fish.

Pros of OKCupid

  • Value for the price. The premium features are very affordable as well as useful.
  • OkCupid is very safe.
  • However, the well-designed app makes it easy to use for new users.
  • On the other hand, the Ideal app for flirting and finding casual affairs.

Cons of OKCupid

  • Free features are a joke.
  • Very small selection in small towns and cities.

3. Zoosk

zoosk top free dating apps of 2018 DatingFoo

Zoosk is a super popular social media like flirting apps. When it comes to flirting apps, Zoosk hits all the marks right on the target. It has all the features you might want in a flirting app plus all the security too. Zoosk manages to show you that online dating can be safe and secure.

Zoosk has an amazingly active member base and a top-rated mobile free flirting apps too. One day you might wanna go for some casual flirting, Zoosk is the perfect app for that. This is one of my top flirting apps of 2019. The award-winning flirting app has a very straightforward approach to online dating.

There is no impediment stopping you from directly jumping in! It is an ideal app for those of you who just want in and out of the flirting zone. If you want a casual hook up or just flirt with people, Zoosk is the app for you. Zoosk has a quick and easy sign-up process. Zoosk even packs the option to go invisible while browsing people!

Features of Zoosk

  • Zoosk is very appealing to the young generations, and many of the users are young.
  • Easy to navigate and aesthetic looking features.
  • Casual and easy to use.
  • However, the ability to go back and forth while going through options.
  • Boost profile allows you to boost your profile and get more responses.

Pros of Zoosk

  • However, you can get cute options like Megaflirt or Insights.
  • On the other hand, the insights feature allows you a statistical view of the kind of matches you are into

Cons of Zoosk

  • It is costly; it costs USD 30.
  • Message sending is restricted to paid members only
  • No videos or webcams

4. POF (Plenty of Fish)

Plenty Of Fish Hook UP Sites DaingFoo

As the name suggests, it is about the various number available that you can date. The most insane part of this flirting apps is that it packs around 100 million users globally. Approximately fifty-five thousand people join every single day! Around 4 million users log in every day!

This single fact alone is enough to earn POF the top spot on my list of top flirting apps of 2019! This app is populated! The quality of the user base is impressive too. It is an active and friendly user base that you can interact with.

POF is completely free. So if you want to go for a low commitment app, POF is your answer. You do not have to invest anything, just your time and you will find plenty of flirty partners and sexy singles. POF takes the cake when it comes to sheer user base.

Features of POF

  • POF has a chemistry test which let’s test out your own self. It is like the self-assessment.
  • The application also has the Relationships Needs Assessment is a quiz of about 50 multiple choice questions.
  • However, POF also has the ultra match feature.
  • POF is very safe and encourages its users to take care.
  • On the other hand, affordable and easy to use.

Pros of POF

  • However, POF has a very high-quality user population.
  • On the other hand, POF has a very easy to use and excellent search engine.

Cons of POF

  • It has a generic algorithm.
  • Not worth spending a lot of money over.

5. Flirting Apps DatingFoo is one of the oldest names in the book. It manages to find itself a spot on my top flirting apps of 2019, because of its versatility. has 13.5 million users so; we can say that the quality of the members is excellent. This old site knows exactly how to deliver what you are looking for.

A casual flirting session or a serious relationship, Match has you totally covered. The unique algorithm and the extensive search options also add to the depth of the flirting app.

Features of

  • Match has cute features such as “MatchMe” which allows users to request matches from people they are interested in.
  • However, the algorithm that evolves and constantly incorporates user feedback
  • com also gets frequent updates, so the features and service are top-notch.
  • Advanced options to search for potential flirts and flings
  • Daily matches delivered handpicked to your profile

Pros of

  • A very trustworthy site with a large user base.
  • However, users can request matches.
  • Various ways to verify profiles with.
  • On the other hand, it has very fewer spammers and bots.

Cons of

  • It is a little steep in price.
  • Verification of profile takes time.

6. Lovoo

lovoo Flirting Apps DatingFoo

Lovoo is not as big as the other giants on this list of top flirting apps 2019. But this fact does not take away the fact that Lovoo has experienced massive growth in business.

Lovoo is an ideal app to find people to flirt with. If you want to have fun and just flirt, Lovoo is the way to go. For the most part, lovoo is as generic as they come. But there is a unique feature of this new flirting app.

Lovoo is a great app for flirting and that’s why it is on the list of top flirting apps of 2019.

The design is great, and the features are ideal, what could go wrong? Lovoo is your wingman for 2019!

Features of Lovoo

  • Lovoo takes its security very seriously, and thus verification process for this app is a little different. For verification, this app makes you write a code on a sheet of paper and take a photo with it. Employees then check through your profile and give you the verification.
  • However, practically zero spammers and bots.
  • Affordable for everyone.
  • On the other hand, Lovoo also has a growing user base.
  • Lovoo features ghost mode, unlimited matches, etc.

Pros of Lovoo

  • Lovoo is ideal for flirting as it promotes casual flings.
  • One of the best flirting apps if you wish to avoid scammers and bots.
  • However, it has high-level security.
  • Graceful execution of features and design.

Cons of Lovoo

  • The user base is growing but not as big as some of the competition
  • Lovoo is very cheap; users seem to take it very lightly.

7. Sapio

Sapio Flirting Apps DatingFoo

This one is a little different. For many people, getting the matches or finding the ideal flirting partner is not the problem. The problem is when you don’t know how to talk to the person. While it is not the unique app in case of matches, security or features, it takes the cake in this one area.

It is an affordable and niche app to find intelligent people. Sapio has around 300 inbuilt questions that the matched couple can talk about and discuss. Sapio is the app to use if you want to find someone thoughtful and intelligent.

Features of Sapio

  • Sapio is the ideal app if you want to find an interesting person.
  • Sapio is made for sapiosexuals, meaning people who find intelligence hot.
  • However, it even features a smart question-based algorithm
  • The app allows you to search for your matches using geolocation
  • On the other hand, Sapio is completely free to use.

Pros of Sapio

  • Sapio is one of a kind app that puts intelligence in the dating scene
  • The application is ideal if you want to flirt with someone who is smart
  • However, Sapio places a lot of importance on security, so you will always be safe.
  • On the other hand, it is easy to use the app with a clear and crisp layout.

Cons of Sapio

  • Casual flirting may not be the app’s main motive
  • Sapio is terribly underpopulated even though it is well known

8. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel Hook up sites DaingFoo

This flirting app earns its place on my list of top flirting apps of 2019 because of a cool reason. It has a mostly female user base. It is good news for our male readers. CMB is ideally more of a flirting app than a hookup app. But flirting with people should be no problem.

CMB has a very laid back approach to dating, and the theme of the app is very pleasant to look at. However, this app also has some downsides. Most of the matches are mutual friends. Flirting with them could make things pretty awkward. But if you are fine with that, then go right ahead!

Features of CMB

  • The art style and design are top-notch.
  • Massive user base, so you are never bored.
  • Features like “Send a woo” which allow you to increase your chances of getting matched.
  • However, it verifies and matches users based on their Facebook.
  • Icebreaker questions to easily start talking to your matches.

Pros of CMB

  • CMB is one of the biggest flirting apps of 2019. And the best part is, it has a majority of the female population!
  • However, CMB has tons of unique features that can be unlocked after going premium.
  • Strict verification means no bots of scammers.

Cons of CMB

  • CMB’s subscription is awfully expensive. It starts at $35 a month.
  • CMB pretty much prioritizes paid members over free members.
  • It is more of a dating app than a flirting app.

9. Cuddli

cuddli top free dating apps of 2018 DatingFoo

It is the newest app in the zone, and it puts all the rest to shame. Cuddli could be your answer to find a nerdy partner to flirt with. I have added Cuddli to my list of top flirting apps of 2019 because of how adorable the theme is!

Cuddli is ideal to find flirty geeky partners if that is the kind of thing you like. If you are into pop culture or anything nerdy, Cuddli has you covered.

Cuddli is a fairly new app, and the user base is still small, but other than that, Cuddli looks amazing! Go on ahead and flirt with your nerdy friends today!

Features of Cuddlii

  • Cuddlii is a flirting app totally geared towards geeky or nerdy people. If you are looking for a casual fling with whom you can discuss Game of Thrones, this is it!
  • However, Cuddlii places a lot of emphasis on safety and security.
  • Cuddlii is 100% free!
  • It verifies accounts via Facebook or Google+.
  • Very high quality of user base with practically no bots.

Pros of Cuddlii

  • However, Cuddlii is one of the unique flirting apps. It is the only app pandering towards Geeks and nerds.
  • On the other hand, it has a seamless sign-up process.

Cons of Cuddlii

  • Cuddlii is still suffering from a low user count.
  • Cuddlii’s iOS app is full of bugs and glitches.

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Summing Up

So this was my list of “Top Flirting Apps of 2019”. I hope you are happy with my selection of the ideal apps. They are not perfect, but many of them are experiences worth having. I went through each app myself and created this tried and tested list.

Rest assured, they are all 100% safe. But it is always best to be safe by yourself too. But do not forget to have fun, and have a great time dating online! I hope you guys enjoyed my list of top Flirting Apps of 2019.