OkCupid Review – Is it Worth Sign In? Cost, Pros and Cons

Do you like options in life? Do you want to have preferences in your love life? Then OkCupid is the app for you. OkCupid helps you find you a casual date for a one night stand or a long love life. The app enables you to find someone who has the same preferences as you have, which is a 100% match, or you can get out on the wild and hunt down someone opposite to you.

OkCupid Review - Is OkCupid Worth Sign In Cost, Pros and Con

You can try to hit down things with your anti-soulmate on another wild voyage or go down the silent stream. The OkCupid.com will provide you with ample options based on your choices and preferences. It will offer you everything; you can ever imagine. Let’s take a sneak peek into the OkCupid app and find what is in it.

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What is OkCupid: Free Online Dating?

OkCupid was initially known as SparkMatch and was developed on 19th January 2004 by four students of the Harvard University, namely Christian Rudder, Chris Coyne, Max Krohn, and San Yagan. Humor Rainbow Inc initially owned the OkCupid.com, and its present owner is IAC (Match.com). It has over a million users who use the website or app regularly.

It boasts about being among the top ten Dating Websites by TIME. If you live in a modern surrounding, then you are bound to find tons of options to choose from. One thing can be guaranteed that you will never run out of options.

OKC, which is another name for OkCupid, asks you some healthy and abnormal questions to know your taste. The app analyses and processes your answers to find the best possible match for you. The person who has similar answers to you will be your ideal match.

Why Should You Use OkCupid – Is OkCupid Worth Sign In?

OkCupid is one of the most popular dating sites out there. Some of its features are listed below:

1. OkCupid respects your privacy and keeps your identity undisclosed so you can interact with anyone without actually telling anything about you. OkCupid mobile app or OkCupid.com always keep your identity to itself and never shares it.

2. Rather than having to go and check out other social media platforms to interact as the app provides you with the feature to chat in the app itself and that too in a safe manner without your messages being leaked.

3. If you take an A-LIST subscription, then you have the option to change your username at any point in time so that your identity always remains hidden.

4. With the algorithms, graphs, and interpretations, the app analyses your conversations with other users to know you better.

5. OkCupid app has the feature to apply filters according to your preferences and choices. You can also block an annoying user, and all your posts and profiles will remain hidden from him.

6. There are a total of 50 questions that you are asked at the beginning of OkCupid in order to determine your taste. It analyses all your choices through algorithms, graphs, and flowcharts and tries to find your perfect match. OkCupid gathers asks the information to help you. And you can also deal away with the questions by skipping them if you want to avoid them.

Why Should You Not Use OkCupid

Each coin has two sides. So where there are benefits, there are perils as well, which are listed below:

1. OkCupid asks you a number of questions that are easy, tricky, useless, which waste a lot of your time.

2. There are a lot of fake accounts available on the OkCupid.com. As It is free of cost, you can find a lot of incorrect information on the profiles. So, it often happens that you spend time a lot talking to a person with a fake profile, and the person does not show up on the date. So it wastes your time as well as your emotions are hurt.

3. As OkCupid provides free access to everyone, abuses are often lashed to ladies, gays, lesbians, and people who are out of the blue.

4. There are also times when sex dates are asked of women without any context.

5. There is also no option of automatic deactivation of profiles that are no longer used or have died a long time ago.

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OkCupid is pretty great with options to find someone for a casual one night stand or for a long trustworthy relationship. It has got a lot of features that are available free of cost, and as you get a subscription, you can increase your reach, and more and more people can know about you.

However, there are various downfalls as well, such as the use of vulgar expressions and abusive contents from fake accounts. OkCupid App or Website is pretty decent, and you should atleast give it a try as it is free.