Pure App Review- Is Pure Dating App is Legit?

If you have been just out of a long relationship and want to have sex to calm yourself or you want your testosterone not to drive you crazy, then Pure App is the thing for you. All of us know that sex is no longer considered taboo. Sex is essential to release your emotions and be healthy, both physically and mentally.

Pure App Review - Is Pure Dating App is Legit

Pure Dating App helps you find a sex partner to have fun. Pure App is an excellent option to find a sex partner to hookup and have casual sex. Pure App is easy to use and has an excellent interface so, you should take a peek into the app to discover its features and assess it.

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What is Pure – Anonymous Hookup Chat App

Pure Dating App was developed by Alexander Kukhtenko and Roman Sidorenko, along with a world-acclaimed writer and sexologist, Carol Queen, in 2012. The striking historical fact of the app is that before the release of the Pure App.

There were already more than one million connections made, and another 100000 were on the waiting list. Pure Application is extensively used in cities, including San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, London, and New York.

How Pure Dating Application Works

There is an internal mechanism going on within the Pure App, which is running to find you a match. The app is based on rather simple principles and can help you find a match quickly. You just have to upload pictures on your profile, and people can react by either choosing “Interested” or “Not Interested.”

Your profile is visible to all those who are in the radius of 50 kilometers. You can start conversations as soon as your personal interests intersect, and you are compatible. The one thing about the app is that your profile vanishes after an hour. So, you have to be quick enough to find someone for a nightstand. Although if the time is over, you can again make a profile and start hunting for a sex partner.

Pros of Pure App

Pure App has got several features that would charm you, some of which are listed below:

1. It is easily able to find you a partner in areas which are densely populated and have a high app usage in the sector.

2. The Pure Application helps you to find you a sex partner to have casual sex after a tiring and frustrating week.

3. The Pure Dating Application cross-checks among two individuals before finally letting them meet and have fun.

4. The app is easily downloadable from the browser or the Android store on any Android platform.

5. The privacy of the user is kept secure and safe.

6. The app is entirely free to use, and a lot of features are available to be used without having the paid subscription.

7. All the photographs of the user remain hidden from other users to secure your privacy.

8. The Pure Dating App is free to use for women, and all the features are easily accessible for them.

9. The Pure App helps you get a lot of connections fast, so you should be able to get a playmate.

Cons of Pure App

Pure App has got a different side as well, which has got some minor issues given below:

1. People mostly choose partners by looking at the profile picture of the user, which means that rather than any realistic features, only looks are what a person is judged by. A fake image can be easily used to grab attention.

2. The Pure Application will only get you casual hookups and one night stands, so it is useless if you are dreaming of a long trusting relationship.

3. Registering into the app is not easy as one needs to have a credit card to register and start having fun.

4. As Pure dating Application has got the Anonymity feature, it makes it difficult to judge a person.

5. Pure Dating does not provide many features to hit off a relationship smoothly.

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Pure App is free to use and certainly has got many features to enjoy. You can easily find someone to have fun with for a night without thinking about the future, which is excellent, plus your privacy is respected.

There is a small problem when it comes to registering in the app that requires a credit card, which is not always available to everyone. There is also a problem with people using fake profile pics to grab other’s attention and get them in bed. You should surely give this app a try but by being careful and cautions.