OmgChat Review, History, Features, Functionality, Sign in, Safety and Security

It can be a really tough time if you are not used to online dating. Finding the right online dating app is a hard job because there are millions of dating apps and sites which you will find in the world wide web.

The first step towards a good experience of online dating is choosing the right online dating app. Most people do not pay attention to these steps but it is crucial to enhance your online dating experience.

So do not forget about this important step. There are several kinds of dating sites. Make sure to choose one according to your tastes.

Our Review

If you are looking at this article then you have a faint idea of what OmgChat is. It is a dating site, to put it in simple words. If you are looking for a serious and long term relationship then this site is for you.

It has been around for quite some time and it has helped people form meaningful and long term relationships. This site is not for casual hook ups so if you are looking for that, you should stop reading about this site at once.

Questioning whether this site is the best site for you to choose? Do not worry because we are here today to discuss about this site in detail. So without any further ado let’s get right into it.

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What is OmgChat?

OmgChat is an online platform that provides users with the opportunity to engage in random video chats with strangers from around the world. Originally created as a website, OmgChat later expanded its services to include a dedicated mobile app.

The platform’s primary concept revolves around the excitement of spontaneous video conversations with people you have never met before.

Getting Started with OmgChat App

Joining the OmgChat community and accessing its mobile app is a straightforward process:

  1. Download the OmgChat app from your device’s app store (available for both iOS and Android).
  2. Create your account or sign in as a guest for anonymous usage.
  3. Grant necessary permissions for camera and microphone access.
  4. Start exploring the app and initiate video chats with random users.

Once registered or logged in, you can start your journey of spontaneous video chats.

Features of the OmgChat App

The OmgChat app offers a range of features designed to enhance your online video chat experience:

  1. Random Matching: The core feature of OmgChat is its random pairing of users for video chats, creating exciting and unpredictable interactions.
  2. Filter Options: Users can apply filters to specify their preferences, such as language or location, for more targeted conversations.
  3. Friends List: Add users to your friends list to easily reconnect with them in the future.
  4. Report and Block: The app allows you to report or block users who engage in inappropriate behavior or violate community guidelines.
  5. Anonymous Usage: OmgChat offers the option to use the platform as a guest, allowing users to maintain anonymity.

OmgChat Spontaneous Video Chats

OmgChat’s uniqueness lies in the spontaneous nature of its video chat encounters. Users never know who they will be paired with next, which leads to exciting and unexpected conversations.

Whether it’s making new friends, practicing language skills, or simply enjoying spontaneous interactions, OmgChat offers a thrilling platform for real-time video conversations with people from diverse backgrounds.

OmgChat Privacy and Security

While OmgChat promotes spontaneity, it also prioritizes user privacy and security:

  1. Reporting and Moderation: Users can report inappropriate behavior, and the platform employs moderators to enforce community guidelines.
  2. Anonymous Usage: The option to use OmgChat as a guest allows users to maintain anonymity.
  3. Age Verification: The app has measures in place to ensure that users are of legal age.

OmgChat Premium Features

OmgChat is free to use and does not require a subscription for basic functionality. However, it may offer premium features or options for users who wish to enhance their experience or support the platform financially.

OmgChat Sign Up

The sign up process is pretty simple for this site. It does not take anyone more than 15 minutes. The process is so simple and straight forward that even a novice can do this. You can sign up within moments.

They ask you for your basic information like your gender and your sexual orientation. After that you will be asked to enter your email address and set up a valid password.

Make sure that you create a good and strong password. Keep it noted down somewhere if you tend to forget things.

You will also need to select a username for yourself. Make the best use of your creativity here. Pick a username that is eye catching and expresses you well.

If you are a cheery person, write a peppy username or if you are into metal then you can pick a name accordingly.

But we recommend something short just because it will be easier to remember. A little bit more of your personal information is going to be required.

Since this site is for serious relationships, the more info you provide, the more possibility of you finding an ideal match.

So make sure that you can fill up as much info as possible. You can edit your info later too. This will increase your chances of finding the ‘one’.

Once you have signed up, you can log in anytime you want and get to connecting with new people who can be your potential partners.

OmgChat Users

It is important to know that what kind of people you will find on a dating site before you sign up. You need to clear that up.


This site is for people looking for serious relationships, therefore most of the people on here are serious about relationships.

This is not the place for hook ups or one night stands. If you are looking for the latter then you need to find another site.

OmgChat Chat

Communication is basically the key of any relationship. You can contact members through various methods. Mostly all sites have the basic chat feature where you can chat with someone you like.

However you need to pay for a premium membership before you can get chatting freely, otherwise you have a limit to the texts you can send. In the 21st century, just text chatting can get boring therefore, you can also voice and video call others to make things more interesting.

If you want to get to know people then you need to talk to them. You can search for people using filters or you can strike up a conversation with anyone who is online at random.

OmgChat Safety

While the site takes precaution to protect their users, you can never be too safe. We advise that you read their Privacy Policy before signing up. Safety and security of users are really important on online dating sites. The sites can be infiltrated by scammers and fake people.

You need to go after your gut instincts. If you find someone who is suspicious then you should immediately block and report them and the sites moderator can look into it.

If you are not used to using online dating sites then its better that you get a little bit of information about spotting scammers and fake profiles before entering into the world of online dating.

Value for Money

It’s true that it is free to register but the most important features like chatting can only be accessed by getting a premium membership. Its common among the dating sites now a days.

However, we suggest that you try the basic free version first to check whether you like the site or not. If yes, then you can get a premium membership latter on.

5 OmgChat Alternatives

If you don’t like OmgChat then here are some alternatives for OmgChat are listed as belows

1. Chatstep

Its a chatting site where people can communicate with each other. You can enjoy talking and meeting with new people who share your ideals. Its more of a chatting site rather than a dating site. It has a good interface and a huge number of users.

2. Kandan

It is a private chat server which is absolutely free, fast and stable and can be set up in a few minutes. There are several important features on this site like live team chat, desktop notification, emogi support, etc.

3. ChatCrypt

ChatCrypt is the best alternative to OmgChat. You can create an encrypted chatroom where you can chat with anyone in private. You can also create group chats. It protects your username and password too.

4. E-Chat

It’s a basic chat room site where you can meet people and chat with them. It is absolutely free of cost, therefore it stands out.

5. Bit Chat

Bit Chat ensures encrypted chat to chat which protects your privacy. In terms of security this site is the best among all the other alternatives. They use high level security to encrypt your chats.

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We hope that this article has proven to be of some use to you. We have tried our very best to provide a detailed review of the above mentioned site. We have zealously researched and given you the vital points and features of this dating app.

Going through this article has solved your questions and queries about the app then this has reached its goal. We hope that you make an informed decision now. Feel free to explore other options too if it does not satisfy you.

We hope that this has been useful to you and that you are able to reach a well informed and well calculated decision now. A little research can go a long way so do your research well before you decide on a final conclusion. Thank you and Happy dating!


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