MocoSpace Review, Price, Benefits, Features and Functionalities

It is extremely difficult to venture into the world of online dating. If you are a novice then this will be tough for you. There are special features that need to be considered before starting online dating.

You can not just barge in and select the first online dating site that you lay your eyes on. No. It’s a more complicated process. You need to find the ideal online dating app for yourself. It is a very important step which is ignored by most people.

They go around blindly in the dark, groping at whichever app they can. But we suggest a systematic approach. You need to get your preferences sorted out and then you should do your research. There are sites in general while others have a more targeted audience.


After you have narrowed down your list, have a look at the detailed review of the apps and then choose the one or two which entices you and suits your needs the most. It can be a long process but it’s crucial.

You don’t want your money to go to waste right?  That’s why you need to find the perfect dating site for yourself. We can not stress this point enough.

We are here today to discuss a dating app called MocoSpace. It is our best effort in providing you with a detailed review of the dating site. So without any further ado let’s get right into it.

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Our Review

MocoSpace was created in 2005. Initially, it was just a social community where people used to talk to strangers in search of friendship, companionship, or simply for the sake of conversation. Lately, that outlook has been changed.

Now MocoSpace is treated as an online dating site. It’s more like a hybrid, to be honest. A juxtapose of social community and dating site. They have extended worldwide and have come up with four headquarters.

They are present namely in Boston, Massachusetts, and Israel. It is a good dating site that has been around for a long time in one form or another, so that speaks a lot about this dating site too.

In this ever-growing world of online dating where new dating websites pop up every day, it means a lot to keep your footing stable. MocoSpace is one such site that has not nudged from its position. If anything, they have improved and increased their rank and popularity.

What is MocoSpace App?

MocoSpace App is a mobile application that provides a dynamic and user-friendly environment for people to meet, chat, and connect with others on their smartphones.

It caters to a wide range of interests and offers a versatile platform for individuals to create profiles, join chat rooms, and engage in social interactions. MocoSpace App is designed to bring people together, regardless of their location, background, or interests.

Features and Functionalities

1. Profile Creation:

  • MocoSpace App allows users to create profiles with unique usernames and avatars.
  • Users can personalize their profiles with photos, interests, and other personal details.

2. Chat Rooms and Groups:

  • The app offers a diverse array of chat rooms and groups that cater to various topics, interests, and communities.
  • Users can join discussions, share opinions, and connect with like-minded individuals.

3. Private Messaging:

  • MocoSpace App provides private messaging features for one-on-one conversations with other users.
  • Users can connect with friends and engage in private discussions.

4. Games and Entertainment:

  • The platform includes a variety of games and entertainment options for users to enjoy.
  • Users can compete with friends or meet new people through gaming.

5. Community Building:

  • MocoSpace App encourages users to create their chat rooms and groups, fostering the development of unique online communities.
  • Users can become moderators and manage their communities.

Advantages of MocoSpace App

1. Diverse User Base:

  • MocoSpace App boasts a diverse and inclusive user base, offering opportunities to connect with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • It encourages cross-cultural interactions and understanding.

2. Community Engagement:

  • The app promotes community engagement by allowing users to create their chat rooms and groups centered around their interests.
  • It empowers users to build and manage their communities.

3. Privacy and Safety:

  • MocoSpace App prioritizes user privacy and safety.
  • Reporting and blocking features are available to address any concerns.

4. Social Interaction:

  • The platform provides a space for social interaction and conversations on a wide range of topics.
  • Users can learn from others, share experiences, and broaden their horizons.

Using MocoSpace App Effectively

1. Complete Your Profile:

  • Take the time to create a detailed profile that accurately represents your interests and personality.
  • An engaging profile can help you connect with like-minded individuals.

2. Participate Actively:

  • Actively engage in chat rooms and groups by joining discussions, sharing opinions, and contributing to conversations.
  • Meaningful interactions can lead to valuable connections.

3. Respect and Etiquette:

  • Treat other users with respect and maintain proper etiquette when engaging in discussions.
  • A respectful attitude enhances the overall experience.

Signing Up at MocoSpace

The signup process is extremely simple on this site. You can sign up just in a matter of a few seconds. If you want you can easily link your Facebook or Google account and then you are set.

Your name, gender, birthday, sexuality, username, password are the only things that are required. You do not need to go through any verification. This is quite easy and simple but this also increases the chances and number of spammers on the site.

The amount of simplicity and straightforwardness of this dating really does astonish one. In recent times you will never get a dating site where you are not provided with a long questionnaire regarding your personality and preferences and whatnot, but this is not the case with MocoSpace.

Making Contact On MocoSpace

Conversations are easy on this site. You can chat with anyone and everyone for free. But before you start chatting you need to verify your account.

Yes, if you are just browsing, you do not need verification but if you want to start a conversation then you so need to verify your account. You can also enter a public chat room and talk in a group. This helps in finding people with similar interests.

Chatrooms can be of any topic. You can enter any chat room of your interest or you can create a chatroom and then invite people to join.

MocoSpace Profile Quality

The profile quality of the dating site is not the best but it’s not the worst either. Several users have put pictures of celebrities in their profile pictures. This is a downside since they do not verify pictures. The profiles can be private or public. This totally depends on the user.

MocoSpace Profile

If you want to view a private profile then you need to send a friend request and only if they accept the friend request, you can see the profile. If not, then nothing can be done. The profiles are not very detailed either, as can be concluded from the signup process itself.

You can change your profile information later too. It’s not like they get engraved in stone once you enter them. The profile pictures are always public and visible to all. The astonishing feature is that the activity of a user is visible to all.

The entire activity of any particular user can be tracked to the very minute detail. This may seem creepy to some.

It can also be seen as a breach of privacy. This results in negative points for this dating site. Some might even opt out of the site because of this.

Design and Usability

The design of MocoSpace is a lot like Facebook. We are sure you have all experienced Facebook. The timeline of MocoSpace is always filled with new updates by the other members.

But the only difference is that you can see the post of every single person on the site, unlike Facebook which shows you the post of only people on your friend list.

The interface is good too, although not the best. But it works, so there’s that. The site also shows you several warnings about sharing too much personal information because of security concerns.

Special Features

The special features of this dating site are most games. You can check them out below –

  • Friendship – It’s a weird and unique game where you can buy and sell your friends online. Yes, real friends. This can be done using the virtual Friendship currency available in the game itself. Similarly, someone can buy and sell you too. If you get bought many times then your price goes up.
  • Street Wars – In street wars you can become the mafia and go head to head with other members. If you complete missions then you can gain money and power. You ate rewarded with points too. You can also get recruits.The more recruits you get, the more the chances for you to defeat the other players. In-game purchases are allowed using the Moco Gold which is a virtual game currency. Sounds really fun, doesn’t it?
  • Daily Spin – It is like spin the wheel lottery that can be played once a day. You can get various gifts from this game like virtual currency. Every spin is automated.
  • Stickers – Stickers are like emojis which can be sent to other people. You can also comment on someone’s photo using stickers. Some stickers are free of charge while some others can be charged by Moco Gold – a virtual currency.

Success Stories and Testimonials

  • Sharing success stories and testimonials from users who have built meaningful connections, found friends, or created thriving communities on MocoSpace App can inspire and reassure others on the platform.
  • Real-life experiences showcase the potential for building relationships and communities in the mobile era.

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MocoSpace App stands as a dynamic and diverse platform that fosters connections, encourages community building, and promotes social interactions in the mobile age.

With its extensive range of chat rooms, groups, and features, it offers a unique space for individuals to connect with others who share their interests and passions.

By using the app thoughtfully, actively participating in discussions, and maintaining respect and etiquette, users can maximize their potential for building relationships, making friends, and contributing to thriving online communities.

MocoSpace App is more than just a social networking platform; it’s a hub where people from around the world come together, connect, and build communities based on their shared interests and passions, bridging the gap between online connections and real-life friendships.


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