BlackPeopleMeet Review

It can be really difficult for the best of us to deal with the online dating world. It is a ocean out there and there are plenty of fish in the ocean but you need to know how to fish for the right one (we know it’s a bad analogy!), but nonetheless it is important to know which dating site to use.

There are literally hundreds of dating sites out there, choosing the right one can be a daunting task since everyone has different taste and preference. Finding one that matches your needs is a pretty tough job but with correct research you can get the goal achieved. The first step to the online dating world is choosing a dating app which suits your personality and taste.

For example- there are general dating sites but if your are specially into certain group of people then its better to use dating apps targeted for that particular interest or group of people.


We are here today to discuss about such a dating app. Its called (as you know by the title)  BlackPeopleMeet. As the name suggests, it is an app for African Americans who are looking for relationships. It is targeted towards African Americans but it gives access to everyone.

This app was launched by Peoples Media, a Texas based company. If you are confused about this site and want to know about its Features more then you are in the absolute right place. So without any further delay let’s get right into it.

BlackPeopleMeet Member Structure

90% of the users on BlackPeopleMeet are from America. This app was structured for African Americans but they provide access to other races too. For example if you are a person who is interested in dating a African American then you can sign up here too because the majority of users are in fact African Americans.

Its good that the black singles get attention through this demographic specific app. They boast of having five million users worldwide which is not a bad number to be honest. The percentage of women is more compared to men on this site.

Signing Up at BlackPeopleMeet

The sign up process for BlackPeopleMeet is quite simple and does not take more than five minutes. You do not have to answer lengthy questionnaire regarding yourself. It is a five step process which includes a page for you to get premium membership, you can ignore it.

You fill up few of your personal information and then you are set. You can also add up to 30 photos and import them from your Facebook. Simple right? There is also another feature that needs to be mentioned. If you wish, you can also add a short bio about yourself in the biography box.

Making Contact on BlackPeopleMeet

The average number of matches everyone gets one day is 11. You can also personally search for profiles although users who do not have a paid membership can not send a text to anyone. Even though you can not text without a membership, you can still view profiles. Its like window shopping. You make matches just like the hot or not game. You swipe left or right when you see a profile.

There’s a additional game like feature on this app called ‘Who do you like?’ Where you compare the profiles of two users and you choose the one that entices you more than the other. Sounds fun right? It is!  You can even skip if you don’t like them. Once you get a paid membership you can also send chats, flirts and also call them to have a nice chat.

BlackPeopleMeet Profile Quality

The profile structure of this dating app is pretty neat and good. You can express and introduce yourself to others through your profile. There are different options for doing that. You just need to use your own words, the space is always provided. It is not a mandatory option though which makes some of the lazy users leave these fields blank.

It’s a shame because it is really useful. All users can view the photos of other profiles without getting paid membership. If you want to change your bio later then you can also do that. Its not like once you write something, it will be set in stone.

The other drawback that you may face is fake profiles since they do not have any identity verification process. There are always scammers running around, so if you find someone suspicious then you can easily report or block them. It is easy to spot a fake profile if you are experienced.

Design and Usability

The design of the website is neat and clean. You can navigate different features from the left pane. All the features are neatly organised.

The interface is also user friendly and easy to understand so that even technology challenged people do not have any issue. The design is modern and eye catching, and the best feature is that the design does not affect the usability.

Safety and Security

BlackPeopleMeet is owned by People Media which has other dating sites available too. So it goes without saying that they pay a lot of attention to the safety and security of their customers.

However they do not do criminal checks or otherwise screen users. If you are still paranoid and want to check their Privacy settings then you can check out the Privacy Policy of BlackPeopleMeet.

BlackPeopleMeet Cost and Prices

The first time the question arises that why should one get paid membership? It is because there are special features that can only be accessed through a paid membership.

In your free membership you get to view profiles and send flirts but you cannot chat. However in your paid membership you get features like ConnectMe, MatchMe, PromoteMe, ProfilePro including the ability to chat.

There are different options and plans for a paid membership on BlackPeopleMeet. Let’s take a look at them –

1. 75 dollars / month for 1 month.

2. 99 dollars / month for 3 months.

3. 99 dollars / month for 6 months.

Is BlackPeopleMeet Expensive or Cheap?

In comparison to other dating app we have to accept that BlackPeopleMeet is low priced. Your subscription will renew automatically, if you want to stop it then you have to stop the services manually, just like Netflix! You can choose to pay through Cheque, Credit card or PayPal.

Special Features

There are certain special features that are available at BlackPeopleMeet which you can access only if you have a paid membership. We have listed them below.

1. Virtual Gifts: You can send virtual gifts by using tokens to people who you are interested in. This might help you in getting their attention. Virtual Gifts range from virtual flowers to virtual stuffed toys.

2. ProfilePro: If you are not much of a writer and you are stuck with your bio then you can access ProfilePro. It is a service of writers who can uplift your profile by writing a beautiful bio about you, using witty words. This can make your profile eye catching and make up more matches for you.

3. PromoteMe and MatchMe: When you Apply the first feature you can get your profile to the top of search results. And if you apply the second feature then you can appear on peoples matches and you will likely get even more matches than before. So that’s pretty neat and unique feature that this dating site sports.

4. ConnectMe: It may happen that you would like to talk to your match at one point of time, but you are still new to it and you do not want to reveal your contact number yet. In such a pickle, ConnectMe can be used easily to call your match and have a nice little (or long!) chat with him or her. In this way you do not have to reveal your phone number.

Note: Please remember that these features are only available to the paid members.


We hope that this article has proven to be of some use to you. We have tried our very best to provide a detailed review of the above-mentioned dating site. We have zealously researched and given you the vital points and features of this dating app.

We hope that this has been useful to you and that you are able to reach a well informed and well-calculated decision now. Thank you.


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