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10 Best Love Apps to Help You Find Love

Badoo App - Best Love Apps - DatingFoo

Hello, Today we are going to look at the best love apps in the market with pros and cons. Let us look at the top love apps!


RAYA Dating App - Best Love Apps - DatingFoo

Raya is one of the most exclusive apps on the list. It has an exclusive trust-based system that hashes out the unwanted people. The app is not exclusively for dating, but also for collaborations. Raya is a lot like a secret society, and a member cannot join it without doing tons of tests.

Pros of RAYA

  • Raya has tons of exclusive members-only content that you will rarely get to see on huge free dating apps like Tinder.
  • However, the app has almost zero bots. It is elite and fun to use.

Cons of RAYA

  • Joining Raya is extremely difficult, with members having to write essays and can also upload self-videos for evaluation by the RAYA team.
  • Raya costs about $8/month so it may not be the best for people looking to avoid premium apps.


Badoo App - Best Love Apps - DatingFoo

Tadoo is a great social media cum dating app that people are using as an alternative to bigger apps like Tinder. Badoo promises a free to use apps where you are not restricted away. Badoo lets you use special features such as encounters or people nearby. It is one of the easiest to use love apps.

Pros of Badoo

  • Badoo is jam-packed with free to use features which you will not find in many apps.
  • However, it has one of the best user verification to ensure that bots don’t get through
  • Badoo even has safety features for women such as “Request a selfie.”

Cons of Badoo

  • The app is a little bit plagued with glitches and technical errors
  • Does not have a perfect matchmaking algorithm, other than a location mode, which can be unsafe.
  • Badoo’s paid option is a needless $2.99 which is not worth it.


Neenbo Dating App - Best Love Apps - DatingFoo

Neenbo is one of the new love and dating apps in the market. It is an alternative to Tinder and seems very popular these days. It is a free app which runs on ads. Neenbo may be new but still has lots of users and potential.

Pros of  Neenbo

  • Neenbo has new features that you let match with people that are nearby.
  • However, the app even enables you to see who stalks your profile regularly.
  • Neenbo lets you to match and also play games with people.

Cons of Neenbo

  • Neenbo is very new to the game and does not seem to be doing that well.
  • The app appears to be glitchy and contains many bots and scammers.
  • Neenbo also offers nothing new as compared to some of the other apps on the list. It is a generic clone of Tinder.


TrulyMadly Hook UP Apps DatingFoo

This app is pretty big in India. It is one of the most significant Tinder alternatives and seems to be doing extremely well. TrulyMadly has what it takes to bring down Tinder to the Indian market. It does it very well. TrulyMadly has its unique features. You can also use Truly Madly through your computer browser.

Pros of  TrulyMadly

  • TrulyMadly has a new and fresh aesthetic.
  • However, it also boasts unique safety features that stop a person from taking screenshots of your photos.
  • Truly Madly has a unique and steel clad verification process via LinkedIn or Facebook
  • The app has no bots.

Cons TrulyMadly

  • It does not have as many users as Tinder, and their official site is a bit glitchy.
  • The app forces in-app purchases on you, which may get annoying.
  • The verification process can be tedious and invasive
  • There don’t seem to be many women on Truly Madly


Bumble Dating Sites DatingFoo

Bumble is probably one of the unique apps on the list of top love apps. It has safety features as well as tons of fun! It is more female-focused, as compared to Tinder. Bumble is very popular and has a growing and steady female user base.

Pros of Bumble

  • Bumble has excellent features that guarantee safety. Only women users can start a conversation with men
  • Once a match is made, chat availability lasts only 24 hours. This ensures more active users.
  • However, Bumble lets you use the to app to find platonic friends as well.
  • The app seems value for money.

Cons of Bumble

  • Bumble’s Facebook verification can be invasive and annoying
  • Men have very little over their matches, and they can swipe and wait.
  • The app seems to be very shallow and concerned more with how the users look. Matches are based on looks and not on personality.


Mamba is an absolutely free app which boasts millions of users across the globe. The app was well received in various countries like Canada, India, Germany, etc. Mamba seems to have a small but active user base. It may not be the most polished dating app on the list, but it manages to deliver. Mamba has a vast user base of international users. If dating foreigners are your thing, this love app is perfect for you

Pros of Mamba

  • Mamba is one of the few love apps that let you live stream yourself.
  • Mamba has a follower system so thousands of people can follow and like your content.
  • However, the app has a unique and romantic aesthetic and theme.
  • It lets you match with people across the world and currently boasts 40 million men and women registered with it.

Cons of Mamba

  • The app is very generic and seems to be another Tinder clone
  • Has little to no original or unique features.
  • Mamba is plagued with bad reviews and a dwindling user base, not to mention fake accounts.
  • Mamba has a totally not worth it paid version as well.


Mingle App - Love Apps - DatingFoo

Mingle is very unique. It offers a fast and quick paced account creation to get you started within seconds. You do not have to worry about pesky verifications and is absolutely free to use. Mingle may not be the sleekest app, but it comes off as a social media cum dating/love app.

Pros of Mingle

  • Mingle allows you to join and create local chat rooms to meet like-minded people
  • However, Mingle has a follower and friends feature as well as a video gallery feature

Cons Mingle

  • Mingle seems to be filled with bots and fake profiles
  • It has generic features, and the premium membership is not worth it at all.
  • Mingle keeps throwing in-app purchases at you which may hamper your enjoyment


MeetMe App - Best Love Apps - DatingFoo

When we talk about the top love apps, the list would be incomplete without including MeetMe. MeetMe was started by teenagers who wanted a sort of unique yearbook social media for themselves. It’s a unique and original app that does well.

Pros of MeetMe

  • MeetMe has a very easy to use and fast app for iOS and Android.
  • However, you can use all the features you want, without a premium subscription.
  • MeetMe has a classic and fresh aesthetic in place.

Cons MeetMe

  • MeetMe is laden with advertisements if you don’t upgrade to the premium version.
  • There isn’t a lot you can do to customize your profile, and it is very shallow.
  • MeetMe is basically outdated now and doesn’t stand up well against bigger love apps out there.


Holla App - Best Love Apps - DatingFoo

Holla is not precisely a love app. It is more of a video streaming application which thousands of people use. Hola is kind of like Omegle; it helps you connect with a random user with who you can talk. The app has a great algorithm in place that helps you match with people with similar interests.

Pros of Holla

  • Holla is completely free to use and betters on the universal random chat room apps.
  • However, it has an astounding 10 million users to match with across the world.
  • Holla’s live video chatting lets you live stream with people.

Cons of Holla

  • It may be extremely unsafe as it connects you to a total stranger.
  • Holla is filled with predators and maybe a bad choice for children.
  • Holla does not have many female users.


Qeep App - Best Love Apps - DatingFoo

Qeep is a popular Indian dating app that is an answer to Tinder. It has the generic features of tinder plus some on top of that. Qeep is completely based on location and guarantees complete safety. Qeep also offers numerous offers such as catholic dating, Muslim dating, etc. This app is truly unique as it caters to every facet of the society.

Pros of Qeep

  • Qeep offers impressive features, for free. Qeep even lets you find matches from international cities.
  • However, the app is well built and even offers tips and tricks about first dates and flirting.
  • Qeep has handpicked and verified profiles so no fake profiles or bots can hamper your fun.
  • It also assures safety for women, women also see fewer ads than men.

Cons of Qeep

  • The app seems to push a lot of advertisements and in-app purchases on their users.
  • Qeep does not have as many users as some of the other bigger love apps in the market.
  • Qeep also does not have a perfect specialized algorithm in place. It solely depends on the location which is an outdated method of dating now.

I hope you liked my list of top love apps!

Best HookUp Sites – A Brief Guide to Hook-up Sites

Ashley Madison - Best HookUp Sites - DatingFoo

We recently explained you about some very best HookUp Apps. Today we are going to look at the best HookUp Sites on the Internet. I don’t know if the myth is true or not that most of the people consider HookUp Sites better over HookUp Apps.


Zoosk - Best HookUp Sites - DatingFoo

Talking about the best HookUp Sites is incomplete without mentioning Zoosk. Zoosk is a quick hookup site to set up and requires almost no time. However, it can set your profile up just by the tap of a button, using Google or Facebook. Zoosk has tons of beautiful strangers to find and hook up with! While a lot of people turn away from tinder and go to alternatives like Zoosk to find the ideal hook up

Pros of Zoosk

  • Zoosk is very easy to use and packs a punch of features
  • Zoosk boasts millions of users across the world
  • However, the site has a modern and sleek design, along with lots of safety measures.
  • Zoosk promises all the profiles are 100% verified, so no fakes get through.

Cons of Zoosk

  • Zoosk has many dead accounts which can be very annoying
  • Zoosk is free, but you need a premium membership to message people and enjoy other benefits


eHarmony - Best HookUp Sites - DatingFoo

eHarmony is one of the world’s most popular dating and HookUp Sites. eHarmony does cater more to long term relationships, but people do come here for some good old hooking up. eHarmony is an old classic that can be trusted. It has an established customer base with good will and all the modernity it needs.

Pros of eHarmony

  • eHarmony is fantastic for long term relationships and quick hookups.
  • However, the algorithm is decent and ensures that you won’t spend hours and hours on useless matches.
  • eHarmony has a sleek and catchy design that you can’t have enough of.
  • Has three different pricing plans so you can get one within your budget.

Cons of eHarmony

  • The three different pricing plans are a con too, considering many useful features are locked out.
  • eHarmony is more for long term dating and marriage than hooking up for casual sex.
  • The site does not permit you to text premium users. It does not have a search function either.


OkCupid Hook UP Apps DatingFoo

OkCupid is a charming hookup site that you can spend an entire evening over and not even realize. For starters, the site is completely free, you can interact with as many people as you want, for free. Afterwards, the site has a beautiful look and feel to it. OkCupid, being free, is the perfect site for hooking up.

Pros of OKCupid

  • OkCupid is completely free, with millions of users across the world.
  • OkCupid allows you to interact with its users completely anonymously.
  • However, the premium membership is worth it and only costs about $10 a month. The added benefits are worth the price.

Cons of OKCupid

  • The site has millions of users but seems completely deserted in many small towns.
  • OkCupid also seems to suffer from constant technical failures.
  • Has millions of users, but mostly from the US which can limit you based on your geographical location.
  • OKCupid seems unsafe as anyone can see your profile within registering and verifying themselves.


AdultFriendFinder - Cougar Dating Sites - DatingFoo

Good old AdultFriendFinder is the top choice when you are looking for casual hookups. As the name suggests, it helps you find adult friends for adult stuff. The hookup site is a leader in the hookup era, and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna stop anytime soon.

Pros of AdultFriendFinder

  • Adultfriendfinder has a lot of good will and respect.
  • However, it has a loyal fanbase that returns to the site constantly.
  • Adultfriendfinder is created for hooking up and is thus the best possible site for it.
  • It even features blogs, webcams, photos, private sex shows.

Cons of AdultFriendFinder

  • Adultfriendfinder may be too sexual in nature, and this may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
  • The premium is not worth it, as it does not include the extra sexy stuff. (Webcam shows, model shows, etc)
  • It’s not clear about how many users there are on this site.
  • The design and look of the site are not that great either.


match.com top free dating apps of 2018 DatingFoo

Match.com hook up site is the authority when it comes to dating and hookup sites. It started the whole revolutionary online dating scene. It has a constantly developed and fully completed mobile site too. Match.com is over 23 years old, and it is still going strong, that’s the best part about this site.

Pros of Match.com

  • Match.com is old and trusted; it has millions of regular and loyal customers
  • The matchmaking algorithm is fabulous, and it is constantly improving by the day.
  • However, your profile gets daily matches handpicked according to your preferences.
  • You can even secretly request to be added to a user’s daily matches!
  • It properly verifies profiles, so no bots get through.

Cons of Match.com

  • The verification of accounts may take a lot of time.
  • Match.com is very expensive, charging around $42 for one month. While this amount can be a lot for people looking simply to hook up for casual sex.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison - Best HookUp Sites - DatingFoo

Ashley Madison is the hookup site for the married. Gaining a lot of flak for promotion martial disloyalty, the site is still going strong. Ashley Madison is a site specifically designed to have an affair. This site is clear cut laid out for people looking for discreet and sexual hookups.

Pros of Ashley Madison

  • Ashley Madison is very well known due to the controversy and seems to have a massive user base.
  • However, it is exceptionally for hookups and sex, so it is an ideal site for this list
  • Ashley Madison has a complete assurance of security and confidentiality. You can rest easy knowing that Ashley Madison will keep your hook up secrets safe.

Cons of Ashley Madison

  • The site is geared towards adults only and costs a bomb. Apart from the 7-day trial, the all will set you back $60 a month. It also has more packages. The payment system is very confusing to understand.

Hook Up Apps – Best Free Hook Up Apps For One Night Stand

Coffee Meets Bagel Hook UP Apps DatingFoo

Hook Up Apps have now become the rescuer for those who are drowning in the sea of empty relationships and loneliness. With the advent of new tech and utilities, it has now become very easy to access and use the Hook Up Apps to get the sexual pleasure you deserve. Here we have prepared the list of “11 Best Hook Up Apps in 2018″ that will help you find the right partner.

Top 11 Hook Up Apps in 2018

Hook Up AppsiOS/AndroidCost
Adult FriendFinderBothFree
Dil MilBothFree
Coffee Meets BagelBothFree

#1 Tinder – The Best in Hook Up Apps

Tinder Hook UP Apps DatingFoo

Tinder App remains the top grosser of the Online Dating and Hook Up Apps. With its clean design and simple swipe feature, it is the first stop for the majority of newbies. Tinder has an immensely huge database with more than 80% active profiles, so you do not get over with the new matches to swipe.

Tinder App Features

  • It is a location-based app that matches you with people in your vicinity.
  • You do not need to have a Facebook account to login into the Tinder app.
  • The profile setting process is simple with adding 6 photos and a bio of about 500 words.

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#2 Blendr – My Favourite in Hook Up Apps

Blendr Hook UP Apps DatingFoo

Blendr stands as out in the crowd of online Hook Up Apps due to its features and extremities. It is the not-so-popular app with huge female users. Like Tinder, Blendr also has a location-based system that matches you with people near you so that you can get laid on the go.

Blendr App Features

  • You match with people who are mutual connections in your Facebook, which means you get authentic matches.
  • You have a limited-but-quality option to choose from in potential matches for your profile.
  • The profile setting and completion is a fairly convenient process as it uses Facebook for most of its matches.

#3 TrulyMadly Hookup App

TrulyMadly Hook UP Apps DatingFoo

TrulyMadly is an indigenously build HookUp App that holds the top position in its genre. The trulymadly app is very new and foolproof. With advanced algorithms and techniques, faking of any kind has been reduced to the greatest extent and authenticity of your match is almost 100%.

TrulyMadly App Features

  • The app has a verification feature that allows users to browse the app only when verified. This elevates the authenticity of the app and the profiles on it.
  • The app has the sole purpose of hook-up and it can get you laid as soon as you enter the app.
  • An amazing UI and tons of exclusive features make is a strong opposition to Tinder.

#4 Zoosk Hookup App

Zoosk Hook UP Apps DatingFoo

Zoosk has grown to be one of the largest best Hook Up Apps with over millions of users monthly. Zoosk app features the capability of making both heterogeneous and homogenous matches. The authentication policy of the app assures real and active users with whom you get a chill-pill.

Zoosk App Features

  • The app has an easy-to-use design with the 3-step registration process that ensures the authenticity of the person signing in the app.
  • Both bisexual and homosexual couples can find their one-night stand partners on the Zoosk app.
  • The profile setting process is simple and includes a number of your photos and a small bio that you want your partner to read and have your impression.

#5 Adult FriendFinder – No. 1 in Hook Up Apps

Adult FriendFinder Hook UP Apps DatingFoo

Adult FriendFinder is an iconic hook-up app that takes care of your desires and your entertainment. The app provides a legitimate number of active users and also takes care that you get laid. Even if you are not getting laid, it puts up sexual shows that can please you to a certain extent.

Adult FriendFinder App Features

  • The app can put up webcam sexual shows that can please you and get the pleasure.
  • Hookup apps are the sole purpose, and you can set your preferences about the type of partner you would wish for the one-night stand.
  • Adult FriendFinder app is completely free to join and provides everything for free.

#6 Dil Mil


Dil Mil is the second rank indigenously build hook up app after Truly Madly. It serves its purpose and can get you the perfect partner very soon. It has a good algorithm and fake proof techniques which allows only active and true members to use the app.

Dil Mil App Features

  • The app has a swipe feature like Tinder. Left swipe means a pass and Right swipe means that you like the profile.
  • The registration process in Dil Mil App seems hefty as it requires many things, but overall it maintains the standards of the app.
  • The authenticity of the users is 100% as the rigorous registration allows verified users to enter the app.

#7 OkCupid – Free Hookup App

OkCupid Hook UP Apps DatingFoo

OkCupid is one of the best free matchmakers hook up apps, It doesn’t require a Facebook account to sign in to the app. The matchmaking algorithms are pretty unique and give you the perfect and real match based on the preferences and options of your profile.

OkCupid App Features

  • The matchmaking is based on a unique search pattern rather than hand-fed matches and suggestions, so you get the ideal matches.
  • The profile setting and completion is a big task here as you need to answer many questions that make the foundation of the matching process.
  • The app gives you more about the match, unlike other hookup apps that give you only a small intro.

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#8 Coffee Meets Bagel Hookup App

Coffee Meets Bagel Hook UP Apps DatingFoo

Coffee Meets Bagel is a hookup app that perfectly justifies its existence and gets you laid down with utmost ease. It is not-so-popular but has a great value to those on the database. Coffee Meets Bagel hookup app has features you would not find in any other Hook Up App.


  • The app has a good feedback collection technique which makes use of those points in matchmaking and finding partners.
  • If you are very choosy, then you can set even the minor preferences like religious beliefs you would like your partner to have.
  • The app also lets you know why you were liked or disliked by the bagel. It gives you a room for improving upon yourself.

#9 Sapio

Sapio Hook UP Apps DatingFoo

Sapio Hook up App is for those who are shy and not generally open up to many people. These are basically nerds and geeks having higher intelligence levels than others. So, if you are looking for partners having higher intelligence and can compromise on other factors, Sapio is the perfect spot.

Sapio App Features

  • Intelligence is the key factor in the app as it has users that want intelligent hotties rather than dumb chicks.
  • However, the registration process and profile completion are quite tough as you need to answer any intelligent questions about life and other things.
  • The authenticity of the users is great as only real people will take that much pain to get into the app.

#10 TasteBuds Hook Up App

TasteBuds Hook UP Apps DaingFoo

Tastebuds is an exclusive hook up app that matches you to the people who have similar taste in music. It is available to iOS users only, and you get a variety of opinions for finding the perfect match. The iOS-only availability makes the matches of only iOS people.

TasteBuds App Features

  • The app doesn’t make a compulsion to link your Facebook account to sign in into the app. It’s completely the user’s decision.
  • There are a unique profile setting and completion process that mainly revolves around your musical taste and stuff.
  • The simple and smart UI of the app makes it a great experience for finding the perfect hook up partner.

#11 Once Hook Up App

Once Hook UP Apps DatingFoo

Once is one of the best Hook Up apps with great features and not so great design. Once App has a unique idea and algorithm of matchmaking but lags in some authenticity domains. Though there are some great features which can get you laid but only if you are lucky.

Once App Features

  • Once app lets you sign in directly from your Facebook account without asking for any further details.
  • However, the profile setting and completion has a set of questionnaires that help in finding the potential matches according to the preferences.
  • The authenticity factor is low as you only need a Facebook account to sign up and get laid out there.

Wrapping Up

Online Dating Sites and Hook Up Apps have got much popularity in recent times. The reason is that they are serving their purpose well. You cannot decide which is good and which is not until you try them once.

There are many hookup apps nowadays that can get you matches with whom you can lay down. You need to decide according to your needs and desires which one is the best for you. So, get up and get laid.

How to Tinder: 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks to Get a Perfect Date

Best Tinder Tips and Tricks

Tinder has become a hotbed of dating these days. It is the most popular dating app in recent times. But dating is hard. Tinder makes it a little easier by taking the game online, but it is still a brutal scenario for the most part. Not all of us are super great at dating or with flirting. However, some of us need some dire help. Today, I am going to show you the 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks.

Best Tinder Tips and Tricks

These Tinder Tips and Tricks will cover a wide range of topics. I hope that these Tinder Tips and Tricks will help you get the date you deserve. Hopefully, armed with these Tinder Tips and Tricks, you will absolutely slay the Tinder game.

15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks

Just scroll down to see my 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks. So, do not worry about how daunting Tinder looks and jump right in! My 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks are here to rescue you. So without further wait, let us jump right in!

Set Your Profile Straight

The first thing that matters in the Tinder game is your profile. However, nothing’s gonna work out unless you have a killer profile. Tinder uses the swipe mechanics and most users do not spend a lot of time while swiping profiles. You also need to make your profile as rad as possible.

Tinder Hook UP Apps DatingFoo

You wanna grab everyone’s attention. However, Tinder allows you to customize your profile by uploading photos, putting up a bio, connecting your facebook etc. Show off your hobbies, your lifestyle and what you are as a person. People want to match with genuinely interesting people, not boring robots.

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Show Your Personality

Constructing a profile that gets all the matches is not that simple. Your photos have to be rad! The Instagram you connect to Tinder will be checked by your matches. However, you need to show them that you are a cool person who does cool things. You do not have to go all out, but keep it comfortable. Show off the things that you like. The more interesting you look, the more likely people will spend time on your profile. Keep this in mind.

Keep Your Bio Tidy

Your bio should read like a witty and snappy tweet or a comment. The days of long fully detailed bios are gone. A study has found that on average, people spend 5 seconds on someone’s Tinder profile before swiping right or left. Judging by this, you barely have time! You should keep your bio short and sweet.

Keep Your Bio Tidy - 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks

But that does not mean it has to be a boring bio. Keep it interesting. A well laid out pick up line or a joke or even a TV show reference can catch the eye of many. Tinder bios can make or break your matches. Following me so far? Good! Keep reading my 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks!

Send A Unique First Message

The first message matters a lot. It can either float or sink your entire boat. The first message pretty much explains what kind of person you are. Most people send the cheesy pick up lines and absolutely destroy their chances. I am not saying you should not attack the person with pick lines. But most pick up lines are trash, so select carefully.

Send A Unique First Message - Tinder Tips and Tricks

Something original and witty is always better. Keep your first message something that will get their attention. Something that will awaken their curiosity. Remember,  nothing says boring like a simple “hey”.

Be Nice

This might seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many people are rude online. You might come off rude if you try too hard to be funny or witty. Just chill it. Everyone likes a nice person. Being nice always pays off. In reality, nice guys always finish first. Being nice is important, that is why it is on my list of 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks.

Get The Conversation Off Tinder ASAP

The faster you get their Instagram username or number, the better. Too long a conversation on Tinder and you risk boring the person. It is always a good idea to get the person’s number. At this time, it is way more personal and could mean that the person is interested.

On tinder, it is easy to get buried in the mass of other people texting. So if a conversation fizzles out, chances fizzle out too. So remember my Tinder tip and always aim to get the conversation off Tinder ASAP. This is one of my biggest tips on my list of 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks.


This is kind of a sticky and relative tip. Everyone likes compliments, but different things work for different people. While compliments about physical looks and hotness are okay, always aim to be unique. There is nothing special about the former types of compliments. Instead, compliment their intelligence, wit, sense of dressing. This will always set you aside from others. But remember to never overdo it. It can truly creep someone out if you keep complimenting them for no reason. Keep it cool and try to play it off as if it is no big deal.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Trying too hard or seeming desperate may turn off many people. Desperation is not attractive. If they are not replying fast enough, stop bothering them. Spamming them with messages will only make you look pathetic. Keep it cool, if they are not interested, let them be. Puppy love and desperation is not endearing.

Get Better Photos

If you are not getting enough matches, you have to look into your profile. It is likely that your photos aren’t as good as they could be. However, Tinder is a very shallow social media and people judge each other just on photos. The best Tinder tip here is to go out and just snap photos. Start with selfies, ask friends to take great pictures.

Better photos will help you in the long run. However, Matches are more likely to swipe you if you have high quality and nice photos on your profile. Ask your friends about how your photos look. Getting a good picture will seem like a task at first but later becomes second nature. Also find your angle and go for it. Just smile and let the camera do the magic!

Be Confident

Confidence is key when it comes to dating. Text her first, be a gent. Confidence is a key that can get you into many places. However, Tinder may seem daunting at first but once you learn the ins and outs, you will be a Tinder hero.

Make An Interesting Instagram Profile

I don’t expect you to get thousands of followers overnight, but getting a decent profile is not tough. Tinder can now directly connect to your Instagram. However, this gives you more chance to showcase who you really are. The person will tend to spend more time on your profile if you have a great one.

Exploit this, as this tip the odds in your favour. An interesting profile showing your hobbies, interests, lifestyle certainly gets you matches. Use this feature and make sure your profile is filled with an interesting bio and great photos.

Keep the Conversation Going

Okay, you have got great pictures, a decent bio and a match, what now?

Once the conversation has started, make sure it does not die. It is very easy to run out of things to say. Things tend to get awkward and it is easy to get buried in a sea of messages. The trick is to keep the conversation on its toes. Keep it steady, talk about each other, ask questions. Remember, people love talking about themselves. Talk about TV. your hobbies, their hobbies or anything interesting you might find on their profile.

Keep it Flirty

Remember, this is Tinder. They are here to date, not make friends. Do not be afraid to be a little flirty. However, this does not mean that you should go all out crazy. At this time, keep it light and flirty. Have fun and do not go crazy. The conversation will become very dry and stale if you do not add interesting elements to it. Remember to keep it interesting. If the opposite person dislikes it, stop immediately.

Different things work for different people. In the end, a connection is important and not everyone will have it. With time you will learn the patterns and understand how to flirt and how tinder works. Tinder can be rewarding for the charming ones out there. This is one of my most important tips on 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks.

Ask the Person Out

Once you are finally talking to the person, it is important that you take the flame to the next level. Asking out someone on a date may seem scary, but do not be nervous. Usually, the other person is just as nervous. Ask them out in a normal way and do not lose hope if they say no. It may be too soon or the person may not be comfortable yet. Do not take it to your heart. Remember, it is online dating and still has some risks. Always meet your date in a public area and do your background checks.

Take Rejection Gracefully

After matching someone may unmatch, or say no to a date, and that is okay. They are not entitled to go on dates with you, and deserve choices. Maybe they changed their mind or just aren’t into it anymore. Don’t take it to your heart and let it go. Always be confident and nice, no matter what. However, if you come off as desperate or creepy, no one will wish to meet you. At this time, be cool about it and let it be.

Those are the best Tinder tips I could muster for my list of 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks. Do not worry too much, and just be comfortable. Remember to be nice to people. Be safe out there and enjoy yourself! However, Tinder is very much fun and an interesting way to meet new people. Afterwards, make use of the above tips and you are surely going to find loads of matches! I just hope my 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks list works for you guys.